Walk from Headington to Oxford via Mesopotamia

One-way walk to OXFORD via Cuckoo Lane and Mesopotamia (c. 2 miles or 3.2km)

This walk takes you from Old High Street to South Parks Road in Oxford. (Mesopotamia is the name of the pleasant path that runs between the two branches of the River Cherwell in the University Parks.)

Details of the walk (with link to PDF version to print off)

The rollers, with Parson's Pleasure behindThe rollers at Parson's Pleasure

If you need to get to the east of the city, you can turn left after emerging on the cycle path and take the footpath that starts in the centre of this map down through Music Meadow and part of St Catherine's College to Manor Road

Circular walk from Headington visiting QUARRY, RISINGHURST, SANDHILLS, BARTON PARK, NORTHWAY, and OLD HEADINGTON (4.8 miles/7.7 km)

Map of Barton Park and Northway route

This walk shows you the oldest and the newest parts of Headington, as well as footpaths through the estates on its outskirts. You will first pass through the village of Headington Quarry and continue on to Risinghurst, where you take the subway across to Sandhills. From there, you walk along the bridlleway to Barton. You will then then get a chance to see the newest part of Headngton, the developing Barton Park estate and its swale. There is then a safe pedestrian crossing over to Northway and a chance to visit Dunstan Park before passing through the main street of Old Headington village back to the start.

Full details of the walk (PDF to print off)

Circular walk from the Thornhill Park & Ride to Sandhills and then by footpath to FOREST HILL, STANTON ST JOHN, WOODPERRY, BECKLEY and back via Barton
(7.5 miles/12 km)

Forest Hill, Stanton St John, Beckley map

A chance to visit by footpath four villages just to the east of Headington. People who live in Headington can of course start at any point on the route.

Full details of the walk (PDF to print off)

Circular walk from central Headington to C. S. LEWIS NATURE RESERVE,
SHOTOVER, HORSPATH, and THE RIDINGS (5.7 miles/9.1 km)

Map of circular walk to Horspath

This walk passes through Quarry and Risinghurst to the C. S. Lewis Nature Reserve and on to Shotover. From there it follows a a restricted byway down to Horspath, and returns to Headington by a short route through fields to The Ridings off Old Road.

Full details of the walk (PDF to print off)

Circular walk from Central Headington to ELSFIELD and BECKLEY (8 miles/13 km)

Map of Elsfield bridleway to Beckley

Passing through Peasmoor Piece to the Marston flyover, then by road to the village Elsfield.

Then a by footpath beside Woodeaton Wood and through the fields on the right down to the B4027, and the start of a direct bridlepath to Beckley

Then a bridlepath and footpath taking you straight down to Barton, and then back to Bury Knowle Park via Barton Lane.

Full details of the walk (PDF to print off)

Circular walk from central Headington to THE RIDINGS and then the footpath up to SHOTOVER PLAIN and down to RISINGHURST, and back through QUARRY (4 miles/6.4 km)

Ridings to Risinghurst map

Walk the full length of The Ridings and take a footpath up to Shotover Plain that continues down the other side to Risinghurst.

Full details of the walk (PDF to print off)

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