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This proposed development to the north of the Bayswater Brook (adjoining Barton Park to the north-west and north-east) is (1) in the Green Belt, (2) privately owned, and (3) on land that comes under South Oxfordshire District Council.

Option 1 of the proposed development is larger than Barton Park and would follow the line of the Bayswater Brook as far as Elsfield Road. Options 2 and 3 extend the development much further.

South Oxfordshire District Council agreed on 5 December 2018 to add the Bayswater Brook site to its Local Plan. The draft plan was on the agenda of the SODC Scrutiny Committee on Thursday 13 December (minutes not yet available). The SODC Cabinet examined the proposals on 18 December (agenda) to make a recommendation for consideration at the full SODC meeting on Thursday 20 December (agenda), where it was accepted:

On 20 December 2018 South Oxfordshire District Council voted to approve the published version of its new Local Plan, and consultation will take place for six weeks until Monday 18 February 2019 at 5pm.

These are the three options. Click on the links for a plan showing the areas covered:

Option 1: 750–925 homes on Christ Church land to north-west of Barton Park, reaching as far as the Marston flyover

Option 2: 1500–1850 homes, again on the Christ Church land but extending the above proposal further north and north-east. This option would also include a new Local Centre providing education and community facilities.

Option 3: 2900–3250 homes on the Christ Church land and also the land of Wick Farm, whose owners are keen to develop their land with Christ Church. This option would include a local centre, two new schools, a retail centre, a country and local park, potential student accommodation, and a cemetery.

Christ Church has joined with Dorchester Residential Management to produce the Bayswater Oxford development website.

Wick Farm Ltd has joined with Berkeley Strategic Land Ltd.

This possible joint development of the two areas of land was first revealed in 2016:

The Campaign for the Protection of Rural England: “SODC stabs Green Belt in the back

Background to possible Christ Church development

The possibility of this development was first revealed in October 2013. On 5 February 2018 the Pegasus Group submitted a scoping opinion request (P18/S0399/SCO) on behalf of Christ Church to South Oxfordshire District Council for the construction of up to 750 residential dwellings, a local centre, and associated infrastructure on their land:

Background to possible Wick Farm development

Harry Aubrey-Fletcher and his family (Wick Farming Ltd), who in 2012 bought the 280-acre Wick Farm site, announced in 2017 their hope of building 1,850 homes there.

Wick Farm Ltd and would-be house-builder Berkeley Homes (Southern) Ltd (now Berkeley Strategic Land Ltd) also mentioned the possibility of building the following facilities on Wick Farm: (1) a 250-bedroom accommodation block for the new Oxford School of Nursing and Midwifery, (2) a 100-bed convalescent home for older patients to ease bed-blocking at the hospitals, (3) a car park for the hospitals with a shuttle bus, and (4) a 20-acre parkland cemetery next to the Crematorium, but some of these ideas now seem to have been discarded.

In May 2017 South Oxfordshire District Council agreed that prior approval was not required for Aubrey-Fletcher's planning application for Wick Farm for "Change of use of agricultural buildings to storage of moveable storage containers" (P17/S1055/PDA).

Wick Farmhouse, its two sets of gate piers, and barn are all Grade II listed. Its well-house is Grade II*, but is on the Historic England “Heritage at Risk” register because of slow decay. They understand from the owners that quotations for repairs are to be obtained and the works should be completed in 2019.


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