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Above: Aerial view showing most of the development area (it tapers off to both west and east, beyond the range of the photograph). It will reach the continuous hedge to the north and surround the electricity substation in the middle.


Left: Plan showing area of the Barton development published by the Oxford Mail in 2011


Both images © Newsquest (Oxford), reproduced by kind permission of the Oxford Mail


City boundary map

Barton Oxford LLP (Limited Liability Partnership)
is a joint venture between Grosvenor Developments Ltd and Oxford City Council

Hill (Contractors for first phase of housing)

Mosaics Oxford (Sales & Marketing for Phase 1)

Blackwell Group (Contractors for infrastructure work including new junction)

Barton Park website

NHS Healthy New Town: Barton

Site of Barton West Barton Park is being built around the electricity sub-station in the middle of this photograph.
In the foreground are the Ruskin Fields, running down to the northern bypass

12 April 2015
12 April 2015: Part of the Barton Park site, with trees being cleared, photographed from Northern Bypass

Road from Northway26 November 2015: Work starts on new junction: looking towards Foxwell Drive, Northway
This land at Foxwell Drive was the subject of Oxfordshire County Council's Town Green public inquiry in September & October 2014, but in December 2014 the Planning Inspector dismissed the attempt to turn it into a Town Gree

Barton Park 2 Dec 2015 Barton Park, 2 December 2015: viewed from Northern Bypass

Barton Park, July 2017
Barton Park, 14 July 2017: Viewed from Northern Bypass

8 October 20178 October 2017, with the pedestrian crossing from Northway now open (but not the bus crossing)



  • (May): Land west of Barton already owned by the City Council (and not included in the Green Belt) was earmarked for 1,000 homes as part of the South East Plan



  • (10 February to 23 March): The plans for “Barton West”, as it was then known, were subject to a second six-week public consultation
  • (13 April): The Barton Area Action Plan was submitted to the Secretary of State
  • (16–19 July): Public hearings were held in the Town Hall. The city was forced to drop its boulevard plan for a 40mph speed limit on the Northern Bypass with houses facing that road
  • (14 November): The Planning Inspector approved the Barton West development
  • (17 December): The full city council approved the Barton West development


  • (January): Planning Inspector ruled out the inclusion of the Ruskin Fields in the development
  • (June): Oxfordshire County Council allowed the application for Town Green status by campaigners in Northway (with reference to the planned bus/bicycle/pedestrian route from Northway to Barton) to go ahead.
  • (5 August): End of Consultation on Town Green Application for land at Foxwell Drive Open Green Space, Headington
  • (13 November) Name of Barton Park chosen for new development
  • (18 December): End of consultation about the new school for the development (40 responses received)


  • (July): Announcement that Cheney School would run the new school at Barton Park
  • (December): Planning Inspector dismissed the attempt to designate land at Foxwell Drive, Northway a Town Green (following Oxfordshire County Council's Town Green public inquiry in September/October 2014)
  • (December): Hill chosen to build Phase 1 of Barton Park


  • (April): Oxford City Council's Parks Services department commenced work, clearing trees between the Northway estate and the northern bypass
  • (13 May): The contractors Blackwell started work on Barton Park development:
    Press release by Oxford City Council
  • (6 November): Street names announced: the main road to be called Barton Fields Road, and the other streets to be named after flora and fauna and people with a strong connection to Barton, including Vashti de Montfort Wellborne, John Boyce, and Barry Holden
  • (23 November): Work started on the access road from Northway to Barton Park
  • (December): Changes in local government rules forced the city council to consider whether to transfer its £52.3m stake in Barton Park – for 354 council homes – to a housing association or a new housing company



  • (July ): Blackwell began work on the new Barton Park access junction from the northern bypass, which was completed by November. The pedestrian crossing was opened, but not the bus lane from Northway
  • (September) Mosaics Oxford began marketing the first homes at Barton Park


  • (February): Redrow Homes were announced as the builders for the second phase of Barton Park (207 homes)

Planning applications

Listed by submission date, with planning reference in first column linked to full details on the Oxford City Council website.. The references of the major applications are shown in red

Date submitted
Planning Ref


31 May 2013


Approved in
October 2013

Outline application (seeking means of access) for the erection of: A maximum of 885 residential units (Class C3); a maximum of 2,500 sqm gross Class A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5 uses (with a maximum of 2,000 sqm gross foodstore Class A1); a maximum of 50 extra care housing units; a maximum of 7,350 sqm GEA hotel (Class C1); a maximum of 3,000 sqm GEA Class D1, D2 floorspace (community hub and primary school); in development blocks ranging from 2 to 5 storeys with associated cycle and car parking, landscaping, public realm works, interim works and associated highway works:

30 September 2014


Approved in November 2014

Details submitted in compliance with condition 5 (Phasing and Implementation Strategy) of outline planning permission 13/01383/OUT

24 November 2014


Approved in
February 2015

Details of reserved matters (layout, scale, appearance and landscaping) for a scheme of Enabling Infrastructure Works (such as utility services, earthworks, drainage/attenuation and roadworks), pursuant to conditions 3 and 4 of the outline planning permission for the mainly residential development of the site (13/01383/OUT). More specifically these works comprise:–
(a) the primary street, street furniture, on-street parking, street lighting, surface water drainage swales, associated landscaping and surface finishes;
(b) green infrastructure, the linear park, greenways, hard and soft landscaping, footpaths, cycle paths and ecological improvements;
(c) landscaping details for the approved A40 junction;
(d) buried services and utilities, foul and surface water drainage, water channels, ponds, sustainable urban drainage systems and underground storage tanks.

This reserved matters application (14/03201/RES) is accompanied by the following additional submissions in relation to conditions and non-material amendments to the above mentioned outline permission:–
(i) condition 11 – tree protection (13/01383/CND2);
(ii) conditions 24 – site-wide surface water drainage scheme (13/01383/CND3);
(iii) condition 25 – enabling infrastructure phased surface water drainage system (13/01383/CND2);
(iv) condition 26 – site-wide foul water drainage strategy (13/01383/CND3); and,
(v) non-material amendments to approved A40 junction e.g. omission of splitter island (13/01383/NMA)

24 November 2014


Approved in
February 2015

Non-material amendment to outline planning permission 13/01383/OUT involving the omission of splitter island from A40 improvements

24 November 2014


Approved in
February 2015

Details submitted in compliance with conditions 11 (Tree Protection Plan) and 25 (Phased Surface Water Drainage) of outline planning permission 13/01383/OUT

24 November 2014


Approved in
February 2015

Details submitted in compliance with conditions 24 (Site Wide Surface Water Drainage Scheme) and 26 (Site Wide Foul Water Drainage Strategy) of outline planning permission 13/01383/OUT

25 November 2014


Approved in
August 2015

Details submitted in compliance with conditions 38 (Repeat Ecological Surveys) and 39 (Habitat Creation) of outline planning permission 13/01383/OUT

11 December 2014


Approved in
May 2015

Details submitted in compliance with condition 22 (Construction Environmental Management Plan) of outline planning permission 13/01383/OUT

26 February 2015


Approved in
March 2015

Details submitted in compliance with condition 40 (Archaeology) of planning permission 13/01383/OUT

26 February 2015


Approved in
March 2015

Details submitted in compliance with condition 29 (Air Quality) of planning permission 13/01383/OUT

7 July 2015



Details submitted in compliance with conditions 38 (Repeat Ecological Survey) and 39 (Habitat Creation) of planning permission 13/01383/OUT

17 December 2015


Approved in
March 2016

Details of reserved matters (layout, scale, appearance and landscaping) for the first phase of the Barton Park development, pursuant to Condition 3 of outline planning permission 13/01383/OUT. The works comprise the construction of 237 residential units (Class C3) with associated means of access and highways works; car and cycle parking; hard and soft landscaping; public realm works and ancillary structures

11 January 2016


Approved in
April 2016

Details of reserved matters (access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) for the community sports facilities comprising a relocated natural turf adult sports pitch, multi-use games arena, 3G pitch lit by 12 x 10m light columns and a natural turf pitch adjoining the community hub, along with associated car parking, fencing, and vehicular and pedestrian access together with locally equipped area of play

15 February 2016


Approved in
May 2016

Reserved Matters approval for improvements to the existing allotments and outbuilding, associated fencing, services and associated car parking together with a community garden including pedestrian and cycling links and new tree planting and associated landscaping

16 June 2016


Approved in
October 2016

Details submitted in compliance with condition 36 of planning permission 13/01383/OUT

9 August 2016


Approved in
October 2016

Details submitted in compliance with condition 30 (Piling) of planning permission 13/01383/OUT

30 November 2016


Approved in
March 2017

Details submitted in compliance with condition 12 (Landscape management plan) of planning permission 13/01383/OUT

14 December 2016


Approved in
December 2016

Erection of community sports pavilion with associated car and cycle parking and landscaping (Reserved Matters of outline planning permission 13/01383/OUT)

14 September 2017


Approved in
March 2018

Details submitted in compliance with condition 2 (planning permission) of planning permission 15/03642/RES” (re Controlled Parking Zone)

14 September 2017


Approved in
October 2017

Details submitted in compliance with condition 20 (Highways Travel Plan) of planning permission 13/01383/OUT (Residential Travel Plan)

4 December 2017


Approved in
March 2018

Details submitted in compliance with condition 6 (Materials) of outline planning permission 13/01383/OUT

14 February 2018


Approved in
March 2018

Non-Material amendment to planning permission 16/02002/RES to allow reduction of roof, lowering of roof, omission of raised terrace and associated balustrading, replacement of metal doors to external timber doors to plant room, inclusion of painted timber cladding, inclusion of photovoltaic panels and change of internal structure

30 June 2018


Approved in
September 2018

Details submitted in compliance with condition 1 (Piling methods statement) of planning permission 16/02002/RES

Press reports

From Oxford Mail unless otherwise stated











Further development in the area

Christ Church land to north-west of Barton Park

Christ Church wrote to Oxford City Council in 2013 to say that in the long term it would be interested in “exploring potential opportunities to work with the city council to bring forward land that could help serve and support the Barton strategic development site”. Their fields can be see to the north in the photograph at the top of this page.

5 February 2018 the Pegasus Group submitted a scoping opinion request on the college's behalf to South Oxfordshire District Council for the construction of up to 750 residential dwellings, local centre, and associated infrastructure on that land:

Wick Farm land to north-east of Barton Park

In 2017 Harry Aubrey-Fletcher and his family (Wick Farming Ltd), who in 2012 bought the 280-acre Wick Farm site off Bayswater Road) announced their hope to built 1,850 homes there:

The Oxford Mail article reports that Wick Farm Ltd and would-be house-builder Berkeley Homes are considering building there a 250-bedroom accommodation block for the new Oxford School of Nursing and Midwifery launched in 2017, and a 100-bed convalescent home for older patients to ease bed-blocking at the hospitals. There could also be a car park for the hospitals with a shuttle bus, and plans could also include a 20-acre parkland cemetery next to the Crematorium.

Unlike the site of Barton Park, this land is (1) in the Green Belt and (2) falls under South Oxfordshire District Council. No formal approach has yet been made to SODC, and it is not included in their Local Plan, published in October 2017.

In May 2017 South Oxfordshire District Council agreed that prior approval was not required for Aubrey-Fletcher's planning application for "Change of use of agricultural buildings to storage of moveable storage containers": P17/S1055/PDA

Bayswater Farm

Cala Homes are now marketing the first new homes off Waynflete Road and Bayswater Farm Road on the site of the former Bayswater Caravan Park at prices ranging from £300,950 to £715,950.

In 2013, South Oxfordshire District Council earmarked the Bayswater Farm site for development to the north-east of Barton, stating that this 2.2 hectare site could fit in up to 75 homes.

The following planning application was submitted in 2014 by Cala Homes (Chiltern) Ltd to both South Oxfordshire District Council and Oxford City Council was approved by both councils. It relates to 39 and 41 Waynflete Road (under Oxford City Council) and the land behind (under South Oxfordshire District Council):

“Demolition of existing pair of semi-detached houses (39 and 41 Waynflete Road). Erection of 52 houses and flats (including 40% of net increase as affordable homes) in single-storey buildings, two-storey buildings, and two-storey buildings with rooms in roofs (47 dwellings proposed off Waynflete Road and 5 detached dwellings off Bayswater Farm Road). Construction of roads and footpaths including new accesses off Waynflete Road and Bayswater Farm Road. Provision of open space, parking, garages and landscaping. NB Demolition of existing houses, estate road and only part of new build in Oxford City District”.

The plans were approved by South Oxfordshire District Council in August 2016:

The description is identical on plans submitted to Oxford City Council, except that it did not include the last sentence. The proposal to demolish two houses in Waynflete Road to provide an access road was agreed by the East Area Planning Committee in September:

The preliminary construction management plan for this new development, submitted by Cala Management Ltd in 2016, was approved in December 2016.

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