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Headington Senior (Margaret Road) School


Headington Senior School in Margaret Road was built in 1936 and was designed for 400 pupils. Its buildings (shown above) are now occupied by Windmill Primary School.

Until 1944, this school formed the senior department of two junior schools: (1) the council school next door (the original Windmill Junior School, now converted into homes), and (2) St Andrew’s Junior School.

After the 1944 Education Act it became Headington County Secondary School.

By 1958 it was Headington County Secondary Modern School, but its name is recordded as Headington County Secondary School again.

In 1975, when Oxford adopted a three-tier system of education, it became Headington Middle School for children aged between 9 and 13.

In 2003, when Oxford reverted to a two-tier system of comprehensive education, all its middle schools became redundant and Headington Middle School closed. Windmill First School moved from next door on to this site.

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