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Bayswater School

Bayswater Secondary Modern School opened in September 1953 to cater for children from Barton, which was growing rapidly at this time.

In 1975, when Oxford adopted a three-tier system of comprehensive education, it became Bayswater Middle School for children aged 9 to 13.

In September 2003, when Oxford reverted to a two-tier system of education, all its middle schools became obsolete and Bayswater Middle School closed. Barton Village First School moved on to its site, adopting the new name of Bayards Hill Primary School. Barton Community Association wanted “Barton” to remain part of the name, but the head teacher was adamant that it should be “Bayards Hill”. This name is not known by historians, although the Roman road from Dorchester to Alchester did run just to the east of Bayswater Road.








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