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Green Road

Green Road

The houses shown in the above postcard stood at the eastern edge of Headington Quarry, on the original Green Road, until it was obliterated to make room for the eastern bypass in 1958.

Trinity Road, Beaumont Road, and Quarry High Street all led into this road, which lay on the line of the Roman Road linking Alchester to Dorchester.

The new Green Road bears no real relation to the old: it is in two sections, one on the Risinghurst side of the bypass and one on the Quarry side. The western part runs along what used to be the back garden of these demolished houses.

It is easy to see from this picture that Risinghurst was on the edge of the parish of Quarry, a pleasant short walk through the fields; but since 1958 it has been viciously cut off by the bypass, in exactly the same way that Barton is cut off from its mother village of Old Headington.

© Stephanie Jenkins

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