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Changes to Headington Street Names

When the three villages of Headington were absorbed into the City of Oxford in 1929, the consequent duplication of street names proved a problem. For instance, the name Church Street existed not only in Old and in New Headington, but also in other attached villages such as Cowley, Iffley, Marston, New Hinksey, and Summertown, as well as St Ebbe’s in central Oxford.

It was not until 1942, however, that anything was done to remedy the situation. In that year the three village high streets of Old Headington, New Headington, and Quarry were respectively renamed Old High Street, New High Street, and Quarry High Street: this prevented them from being confused with each other and with the High Streets in St Thomas, St Clement’s, and central Oxford. The other duplications between Headington and Oxford were not dealt with until 1959 (with the Headington name being changed in every single case, even when it had been around longer!).

In order to trace the history of a house through directories, maps, and old documents, it is of course vital to know the original name of the street.

Present Name

Former Name

To avoid confusion with

Bateman Street

East Street,
New Headington

East Street, Osney

Dunstan Road

Cemetery Road,
Old Headington

[Unappealing name]

Gardiner Street

South Street,
New Headington

South Street, Osney

Gathorne Road

Alexandra Road,
New Headington

Alexandra Road, Osney

Gladstone Road

Elms Road,
Headington Quarry

Elms Road, Botley

Holyoake Road

Western Road,
New Headington

Western Road, Grandpont

Kennett Road

New Road,
New Headington

New Road, Central Oxford

Larkin’s Lane

Church Lane,
Old Headington

Numerous Church Streets/Lanes

New High Street

High Street,
New Headington

Numerous High Streets

Old High Street

High Street,
Old Headington

Numerous High Streets

Osler Road

Manor Road,
Old Headington*

Manor Road, Central Oxford

Perrin Street

Church Street,
New Headington

Numerous Church Streets/Lanes

Piper Street

Cross Street,
New Headington

Cross Street, St Clement’s

Quarry High Street

High Street,
Headington Quarry

Numerous High Streets

Quarry Hollow

St Mary’s Road,
Headington Quarry

St Mary’s Road, East Oxford

St Andrew’s Lane

Church Lane, Old Headington

Numerous Church Streets/Lanes

St Andrew’s Road

Church Street, Old Headington

Numerous Church Streets/Lanes

St Leonard’s Road

Southern Road, New Headington

[Vague name]

Wilberforce Street

William Street, New Headington

William Street, New Marston

* Before the Lords of the Manor moved to a new Manor House
in Headington in 1801, Osler Road was known as Sandy Lane

Origins of Headington street-names

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