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9A, 9, & 11 Windmill Road

9a, 9, & 11 Windmill RoadLeft to right: 9A, 9, & 11 Windmill Road in 2018

9 and 11 Windmill Road


The shop at 9A Windmill Road on the left of the group is the narrowest one in Headington. It was built in the driveway of No. 9 in 1955. The driveway of No. 11 on the right still survives


Left: This detail from a postcard shows Nos. 9 and 11 Windmill Road when they a pair of new semi-detached houses with bay windows. They were built in 1912 in the large garden of Rosslyn Villa, and were originally called Cuddesdon Villas 1 and 2.

The photograph below shows the three buildings in July 2007. The bay-windows on the ground-floor of Nos. 9 and 11 have been replaced by flat plate-glass shop windows. Each still has a large and a small window at first-floor level.

This group of shops in the 1990s
Left to right: 9A, 9, & 11 Windmill Road in c.2000

Time & Elegance and its neighboursLeft to right: 9A, 9, & 11 Windmill Road in c.2007

No. 9A was a photographer’s shop for six years, and then a jeweller’s shop for 45 years. From 1985 to 2007 it was “Time & Elegance”, and its proprietors, Jill & Frank Cummings, were pillars of the Headington Business Association. They inaugurated the Christmas FunDay in 1985 and the Headington Christmas lights in 2000.

No. 9 was a private house until 1955. In that year planning permission was obtained to turn its two ground-floor rooms into a shop, and to build another shop, to be known as 9A, against its north side. It has since been changed from a retail shop to an estate agent, and then back to a shop again.

No. 11 remained a private house until 1961, when the long occupation of the plumber Alfred William Smith came to an end. In 1960 permission for change of use from residential to shop and/or offices refused on the grounds that

“The property is in an area zoned for residential purposes in the approved Town Map and any further extension of the business area along Windmill Road which at this point is narrow and frequently congested would be undesirable and likely to be a source of nuisance to users of the highway by reason of parked and waiting vehicles”.

Another application in 1961 (61/11080/A_H) to redevelop Nos. 9, 11, and 13 to form two small shops, a supermarket, a chiropodist and two flats was also refused. In 1962, however, permission was finally granted to turn No. 11 into a shop like its next-door neighbour, and it has since changed from a retail shop to a coffee house to a hairdresser.

No. 9A

Occupier of whole building


55/04735/A_H: Application for an extension to No. 9 Windmill Road to form another shop approved


E.A. Grant, Photographer


Lily Crane, Jeweller
64/15184/A_H: Application for new shop front on behalf of Lily Crane approved in 1964


Time & Elegance, Jewellers


Black Mamba Tattoos (with Recycled Bikes downstairs to 2016)


Innovation Group



No. 9

Ground floor occupier

Upstairs occupier (“9B”)


William Morley


Frederick William Barnard


55/04302/A_H: Application by J. Dines for change of use of two downstairs rooms to shop approved


John L. Crabb


Quinion Surgical Appliances

Miss J.N. Whittaker,


R. Wenborn & Sons, Cutlers


[Only Lily Crane at 9A listed]


66/17134/A_H: Application by Dines & Gill for change of use from shop to estate agent’s office and formation of front and offices with separate access to first-floor offices approved


Dines & Gill Ltd, Estate Agents
1974: 74/00448/A_H: Application by Dines & Gill for change of use of ground floor office to retail shop, and alteration to first-floor office lobby and office front approved


Mr Truman’s card shop

Dines & Gill, Estate Agents

Jones, Dines & Gill by 1993


Forget-me-Not (1998)


Just Cards

Spire Properties


CardFair card shop


Daisy Chain card shop


Il Botanico

No. 11

Occupier of ground floor


William Eden, Police constable


Edgar Tratt


Alfred William Smith, Plumber
1959: 59/08456/A_H and 1960: 60/08456/A_H. Permission for change of use from residential to shop and or offices refused


62/11632/A_H: Application by Metrovincial Properties Ltd for change of use from dwelling house to shop on the ground floor with flat over approved


Self Service Launderettes (Kelvinator Launderama)


Just Plants


77/00747/A_H: Application for change of use from greengrocer’s to coffee house approved; but permission does not seem to have been used


Hummingbird (later known as Frames & Art)
88/01441/NF: Application by R.J. Hey for change of use of first floor from residential to offices (retrospective) allowed on appeal


Headington Beds


McGills Hairdressing


Isis Hair, now renamed Ice Hair Salon and Spa

Advertisement for A.W. Smith
Advertisement from Kelly’s Directory, 1937

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