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Headington’s banks and building societies

Until 1925, there were no banks at Headington, and the relatively few people who then had a bank account would have had to go down to Oxford’s High Street. The big four banks arrived in Headington in the following order between 1925 and 1934, followed by the Trustee Savings Bank in about 1940.

Barclays Bank: now closed

From 1925 to 1927 Barclays Bank is listed in directories at 17 London Road. London Road was renumbered in 1933, and this is the present 95 London Road (now the “Pen to Paper” shop), shown below left in the mid-1920s.

Barclays in the 1920s

By 1928 Barclays had moved to its new purpose-built premises at 105 London Road (formerly numbered 27/29) The manager from 1925 to 1947 was William Charles Hedges, and after moving to the new building he lived at the adjoining “Bank House”.

The photograph below shows Barclays Bank in the early 1940s.

Barclays in c.1940

Barclays Bank closed on 1 May 2020 after 95 years in Headington and was altered as follow:

A new floor of flats was to have been built on the roof following an appeal by the developer against the council's refusal of planning permission, but this proved unviable.

Barclays Bank cheque

Barclays Bank cheque of 1941

The above cheques signed by Emily Elizabeth Coppock was drawn on Barclays Bank in Headington in 1941. Formerly Emily Elizabeth Steers, she married George Coppock at Holy Trinity Church in Headington Quarry on 3 June 1907, and they lived at 222 London Road in Headington. George was a bricklayer who later became a builder, and as other cheques she wrote from his account are made payable to the Inland Revenue, it seems likely that she looked after the bookkeeping side of the business. George died on 26 September 1949 and Emily Elizabeth Coppock over twenty years later on 19 April 1970.

Midland Bank (later HSBC): now closed

From 1930 to 1964 the Midland Bank was listed at 84 London Road (originally numbered 20). This building was the second house in from the north-east corner of New High Street, now demolished.


From 1966 the Midland is listed in its present building in Kennett House at 108/110 London Road, on the north-east corner of Kennett Road.

In 1992 the Midland Bank was taken over by the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, and in 1999 all Midland banks were renamed HSBC.

The Headington branch of the HSBC Bank closed on 18 June 2021.

Lloyds Bank: now closed

From 1933 to the early 1980s, Lloyds Bank was at 85 London Road (originally numbered 113). This building was the second one in from the south-west corner of Stephen Road, on the left-hand part of the double plot that it occupies today: photograph below by Jill Slaymaker. Another photograph of the bank in 1957 can be seen here.

Old Lloyds Bank


In about 1984 the old Lloyds Bank building together with Shergold’s at 87 on the corner were demolished.

This larger building (left) was built for the bank on that site at 85–87 London Road.

This Lloyds branch closed on 16 September 2019.

Westminster Bank (NatWest): still open

From 1934, the Westminster Bank was at 91 London Road. This building was the second one in from the south-east corner of Stephen Road, and Burton’s Dairy was then on the corner at No. 89. The photograph below was taken by Jill Slaymaker. Another photograph taken in 1957 can be seen here.

Westminster Bank


Following the merger with the National Provincial Bank in 1968, the bank's name was changed to the National Westminster Bank in 1970

n the 1980s the bank took over the shop next door on the corner (which has a 1926 date stone on the side).

The National Westminster Bank now occupies the whole corner site at 89–91 London Road (left).

Oxford Trustee Savings Bank: now closed

The Oxford Trustee Savings Bank (TSB) originally opened in about 1942 in different premises at 117 London Road (a shop that had previously been Headington Post Office and is now the Istanbul Barbers). It remained in this building until 1962.

Former Trustee Savings Bank

In about 1963 the TSB) moved to 103 London Road, which was next door to Barclays and is now Ladbroke’s betting shop.

In 1995 Lloyds Bank took over the TSB, and this became Headington's second Lloyd's Bank. For nine years Headington had two branches of Lloyd’s Bank within a stone’s throw of each other.

This bank closed in 2004.

Trustee Savings Bank



Right: Advertisement for Headington's Trustee Savings Bank in The Windmill (the magazine of Headington County Primary School in Windmill Road), Summer 1953

Headington's Building Societies
  • The Abbey National Building Society, later the Santander Bank (now closed)
    This opened in the new building at 116 London Road in 1983 and closed on 12 August 2021.
  • The Coventry Building Society (now closed)
    This opened at 135 London Road in about the early 1980s and closed on 8 January 2022
  • The Skipton Building Society (still open)
    This moved from central Oxford to 138–140 London Road on 15 December 2014.

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