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Vicarage Quarry

This pit was on the west side of Quarry Road, opposite the original Holy Trinity vicarage (which was at 42 Quarry Road, just to the north of the present Coach House) and to the south of the present Mark Road.

Pictures of the Vicarage Quarry in 1915 on the British Geological Survey website:
, P25277, P25278, P25279, and P252730

Stone in Archaeology Database: Vicarage Quarry, Headington

Vicarage Pit was worked by George Taylor as an appendage to his brickworks. When Raphael Samuel interviewed Quarry people in the early 1970s, they told him that there was blasting with explosives here when the rock was too hard to cut.

Map showing Vicarage Quarry in 1921:

Vicarage Quarry

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