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Former Quarry Gate pub, 19 Wharton Road

Quarry gate pub

The Quarry Gate pub was opened in 1937 to serve the new estate that had been built on the fields that separated the two villages of New Headington and Quarry. It was named after the gate crossing the footpath through the former allotments.

In the early 1990s half of its garden was sold for housing.

The pub was put up for sale for £899,000 in January 2011, but took a long time to sell, with its price latterly reduced from £899,000 to £775.000.

It was eventually bought by Seville Developments for £600,000 in mid-2013. Internal work on the building started in January 2014, and for a year they used it as their offices, before moving to the Watlington Road.

The pub was demolished in April 2015, and a planning application to build three five-bedroomed houses on the site was turned down:

A second planning application submitted in June 2016 for “Erection of three storey building to provide 1 x 1-bed, 3 x 2-bed and 2 x 3-bed flats (Use Class C3). Provision of car parking and bin and cycle storage” was also refused, and an appeal against this decision was dismissed on 21 June 2017:

A third (outline) planning application was submitted on 14 August 2017 for “Outline application (seeking approval of access, layout and scale) for the erection of 1 x 3-bed dwelling and 2 x 4-bed dwellings”, and this was approved on 13 October 2017:


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