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Bishop’s Visitation Return 1854

Transcription of Bishop’s Visitation Return, 1854, St Andrew’s Church
  • What is the name and address of the Incumbent? and the date of his institution and induction?
    J. C. Pring. London Place, St Clements, Oxford. 1835.
  • Has he during the last year been resident during the time prescribed by law?
    No residence.
  • Does he perform the whole duty, or has he an assistant Curate?
    No. Yes
  • Does he hold any other benefice, or serve any other cure? and, if so, What?
    Yes, as Chaplain of the Headington Union.
  • Is the Curate, if any duly licensed?
  • What is his name?-Is he Priest or Deacon?
    C.P. Golightly, Priest
  • Does he perform any other duty as incumbent, Curate, Lecturer, Chaplain, Master or Assistant in any school, and where?
  • State the duty performed in your church or chapel in each week; specifying how often Divine Service is performed, the hours at which it commences, and the number of sermons preached.
    Morning Service at 11 o’clock. Afternoon ditto at 3 o’clock. Two sermons.
  • When do you catechise the children of your parish? and what method of catechising do you pursue?
    Occasionally. No particular method.
  • How often do you administer the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper?
    Six times in the course of the year.
  • What is the average number of communicants at the great festivals? What is the average number at other seasons? Do you keep a list of communicants?
    On the Great Festivals 65 to 70. At other seasons 45 to 50.
  • What is the average number of your congregation? Is it increasing or decreasing?
    The average was given to the government as requested. No memorandum.
  • Does it bear a fair proportion to the population of the parish? If not, to what do you attribute the deficiency?
    Believe so.
  • State the different objects for which Charity Sermons have been preached in your church within the last year.
    Under the Queen’s Letter for the Propagation of the Gospel.
  • What Schools are there in your parish: distinguishing daily schools for Adults, for Children, and for infants under six years of age, and Sunday schools: how are they supported, and how many scholars are there in each?
    A National School supported by subscription, average number 140. An Infant school supported by a private individual, average number 60.
  • Are you able to retain your young people in your Sunday School after they have ceased to attend the Daily School?
  • Have you adopted any other mode of retaining them under instruction by Adult or Evening Schools? And if so, what success have you found to attend such schools?
  • What Dissenting places of worship are there, and what is the probable number of Dissenters in your parish or chapelry?
    One. I do not know. The Chapel is very small.
  • Can you give me any information as to the correctness of the numbers given in the recent Census of members of the Church and of Dissenters, or as to the mode in which the returns were made on which those estimates were founded?
    Having never seen the returns I cannot.
  • Can you mention any thing which specially impedes your own ministry or the welfare of the Church around you? Can you, if so, suggest any remedies?
  • Is your church or chapel in good repair, and duly provided with all things necessary for the decent performance of divine service, according to law?-Do your Churchwardens regularly discharge their duties?
    It is in sufficient repair but wants a fresh arrangement of sittings to a certain extent. Yes.
  • Have any alterations been made in the church or chancel, either as to the fabric or in the manner of fitting up, since my last visitation, and if so, under what authority? Specify what they are.
  • Is there any other matter which you think it expedient to bring under the Bishop’s notice?

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