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Where in Headington is this?

Unknown house

The above picture shows a house in New Headington/Highfield. The brickwork may now have been rendered, and the house could even have been demolished. Does anyone recognize where it is?

Jackson's Oxford Journal: Unidentified houses for sale or to let

1784: An eight-bedroomed house with brewhouse and stables

Jackson’s Oxford Journal for 2 October 1784:

For sale by private contract: Headington: Large stone house, eight bedrooms, two kitchens, brewhouse, stables, garden, about nine acres of land in the field and common meadows with right of horse, sheep, and cow commons, of value £17 p.a. Enquiries to Mr Fletcher, mercer, Oxford, or Mr Mark Sherman, Headington [landlord of the White Hart]”.

1795: A five-bedroomed house with stable and coach house

The following advertisement appeared in Jackson’s Oxford Journal on 7 February 1795, with instructions to contact the Oxford upholsterer James Halse for more details:

To be LETT, near Oxford.

A Commodious HOUSE, newly fitted up, and furnished throughout in the neatest and most modern Taste, fit for the Reception of a small genteel Family, is now to be lett and entered on at Lady Day next, situated in that healthy and pleasant village, Hedington, only one Mile and a Half from Oxford, and the most delightful Walk of any round the University. The house consists of a good Dining Parlour, a Drawing Room, five Bed Chambers, a Hall, Kitchen, and Pantry; a Garden very neatly laid out, a good Three Stall Stable and Coach House, with other conveniences.

The above premisses are now completely furnished, and will be lett on a Lease of three, five, seven, or fourteen Years, as will be most convenient to the Tenant, at the yearly rent of 60l.

1802: A stone farm house occupied by Mrs Henry Edgington

The following advertisement appeared in Jackson’s Oxford Journal on 5 June 1802, advertising an auction to be held at the White Hart two days later:

A desirable freehold estate, situate in the healthy village of Headington; comprising a Stone-built Farm House, commanding a most beautiful Prospect, with Barns, Stabling, and suitable Out-Buildings. Also, a Meadow of exceeding rich Pasture Land, and Gardens adjoining, containing about three Acres, more or less, well fenced and watered, now in the Occupation of Mrs Henry Edgington, Tenant at Will.

1802 and 1803: Mrs Monck's new-built house for sale

Jackson's Oxford Journal, 13 March 1802 (contents):

On Tuesday the 23d Day of March Instant,–All the genuine HOUSHOLD [sic] GOODS and other EFFECTS of Mrs. MONCK, at her late Dwelling House, at Headington, Oxfordshire; the Furniture comprises Four-post and Tent Bedsteads with Cotton and Check Furnitures, fine seasoned Feather Beds, Bolster, and Pillows, Blankets, Counterpanes, and Mattresses, a neat modern Sofa Bedstead with Bed, Bedding, and Blankets complete, Mahogany and Drawing Room painted Chairs, Wilton and Kidderminster Carpets, Dining Tables with circular Ends, Dressing Tables, French Curtains and Festoon Ditto, Bookcases, Wardrobes, &c. Pier and Dressing Glasses, Grates, Fire Irons and Kitchen Furniture.
   The Goods to be viewed the Day before and Morning of Sale; and Catalogues to be had on the Premisses  [sic], and of the Auctioneer, High Street, Oxford; of whom the House may be taken unfurnished, and entered on at Lady Day next. Apply to the Auctioneer aforesaid.

Jackson's Oxford Journal, 12 March 1803 (house itself):

TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,—A modern Stone-built MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with a Garden, and convenient Out-Offices, almost wholly new built: a desirable Residence for a genteel Family, lately occupied by Mrs. Monck.
   The Premisses are Copyhold of inheritance, and held of the Lord of the Manor of Headington.
   For further Particulars, and to treat for the Purchase, apply to Messrs. Morrell, Attornies, Oxford.

1802: House with views and coach house, stable, and pleasure garden

Jackson's Oxford Journal, 13 March 1802:

AT HEADINGTON, Within two Miles of the CITY OF OXFORD,
TO be LETT or SOLD, with immediate Possession,—A most desirable RESIDENCE for a genteel Family with every domestic Convenience; Coach House, Stable, Kitchen Garden, and Pleasure Ground, at the End of which is a Terrace, that commands a most beautiful and extensive View of the surrounding Country; annexed to which is a Close of Pasture Land, with Right of Common for Cows and Horses.
   The above Estate is Copyhold of Inheritance, equal to Freehold, and exonerated from Land Tax. For Particulars apply to Mr. William Folker, Oxford.

1803: Miss Prestidge's two houses

Jackson's Oxford Journal, 17 September 1803:

TO be SOLD by AUCTION by R. MALLAM on Thursday next the 22d of September, 1803, on the Premisses, at Headington, near Oxford,
—All the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and other Effects, of the late Miss PRESTIDGE, deceased; comprising Four-post and other Bedsteads, Feather and Flock Beds, Blankets, Quilts, Tables, Chairs, Drawers, Kitchen Furniture, etc
—Precisely at Twelve o'Clock the same Day, will be PUT UP,—All that extensive FREEHOLD PREMISSES, comprising two Dwelling Houses, large Garden walled in, with other extensive Premisses, late the Residence of Miss Prestidge, situated in the most pleasant Part of Headington.

The previous week the paper had reported the death of Miss Prestidge at Headington at the age of 47 on 3 September 1803.

1808: New cottage with two parlours, five bedrooms, stable and coach house to let/for sale

Jackson's Oxford Journal, 30 April 1808:

TO be LET or SOLD,—A convenient new-built COTTAGE, for a small genteel family; consisting of two parlours, five bed rooms, and dressing room, good kitchen, and other suitable offices, coach house, three-stall stable, with kitchen garden, and about four acres of excellent pasture land, in a ring fence, situate at Headington, within two miles of Oxford. Immediate possession may be had.
For further particulars, and to treat, apply to Messrs. Walsh, Oxford.

1805: A three-bedroomed house with its own brew house

Jackson's Oxford Journal on 15 June 1805:

TO be LETT AND entered on at Midsummer next,—A neat modern STONE HOUSE, consisting of two Parlours, Kitchen, Brew House, and a good Cellar; three Bed Chambers on the First Floor, and two Attics: Also a Pleasure and Kitchen Garden, with Coach House and Stable if required; situated in the pleasant and healthy Village of Headington aforesaid.—Further Particulars may be known by applying to Mrs. Barton, Headington.—If by Letter, Post paid.

The land surveyor Edward Barton had recently died, and Mrs Barton was still advertising for a tenant on 21 February 1807.

Is this the same house with a brew house, advertised on 16 December 1809 as to be auctioned by Mr Folker in the White Hart on 22 December?

Lot 1.—A FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSE, pleasantly situate in the village of Headington, with a coach-house, stable, brew-house, and other convenient out-buildings, and a good garden behind the same, the immediate possession of which premises may be had.

1814: Mansion to let with eight bed rooms, dairy, stables, brew house, double coach house

Jackson's Oxford Journal, 5 March 1814:

TO be LET, for the term of four years certain, and entered upon at Lady Day next,—A very eligible Ready-furnished MANSION, situate at Headington, within 2 miles of Oxford; consisting of breakfast, dining, and drawing rooms, and all convenient offices for servants on the ground floor; eight bed rooms on the first floor, with a water closet to each, excellent attics, dairy, laundry, wash-house, brew-house, and other conveniences detached; also, stabling for eight horses, double coach-house, harness room, and spacious lofts; a large walled garden, and about 28 acres of grass land surrounding the house, with a barn, farm yard, and other convenient buildings.
   The Deputation of two Manors, well stocked with Game, may also be had, if desired.
   For further particulars apply to Messrs. Walsh, solicitors, (Oxford); if by letter, post paid.

1815: Mrs Sydenham's eight-bedroomed house with stable and coach house

Jackson's Oxford Journal, 25 November 1815:

To be sold by auction at the Mitre Inn, Oxford on 5 December 1815:

A very DESIRABLE ESTATE, late in the occupation of Mrs. Sydenham, situate in the pleasant village of Headington, about 2 miles distant from Oxford. The premises comprise 2 good kitchens, with cellars and pantries; a breakfast parlour; large dining parlour, 19 feet by 20; a handsome drawing room 19½ feet by 18½, with 8 bed rooms; a three-stall stable and coach house attached; the whole very substantially built, and in good repair. Behind the house is a large garden, and a pump with excellent water. Immediate possession may be had.
N.B.—For further particulars apply to the auctioneer, Corn Market, Oxford; and for a view of the premises to Mrs. Southam, Headington.

1817: New four bedroomed freehold house and an acre of land for sale

Jackson's Oxford Journal, 22 March 1817:

To be sold by auction by Thomas Mallam at the Crown Inn, Headington on 3 April 1817.

All those newly-erected FREEHOLD PREMISES, with an Acre (more or less) of Land, and a cow common, delightfully situated in the pleasant and healthy village of Headington, within a mile of the city of Oxford, and near the turnpike road from Oxford to London; consisting of 2 good parlours, 4 bed rooms, kitchen, wash-house, good cellaring, an excellent well of water, with an Acre (more or less) of good Land, a small portion of which is Copyhold and has been enclosed, at a very considerable expence, with a new stone wall. The above premises command extensive views of the surrounding country, and the walk from the city of Oxford is extremely pleasant and good. This will be found a desirable situation either for a small genteel family, nurseryman, or any person requiring rooms.

The distance of one mile from Oxford suggests it was near the top of Headington Hill.

1819: New house with eight rooms and cellar

Jackson's Oxford Journal, 20 March 1819:

TO be LET, for the term of five years and a quarter, from Lady Day, 1819, when the lease expires, and entered upon immediately,—A new-built HOUSE, Comprising eight good rooms with a capital cellar, and a garden, one acre and six poles, situated in the healthy village of Headington, within two miles of Oxford. No objection of selling the lease for the above time.
For further particulars apply to Mr. W. Lawrance, of Headington, who will shew the premises.

1819: House in centre of village, with bake-house

Jackson's Oxford Journal, 3 July 1819:

To be sold by Mr. T. Mallam at an auction at the Rose & Crown, Headington on 19 July:

Lot 1.—All that Stone-built DWELLING HOUSE, with bake-house, commodious yard, barn, ovals, stabling, piggeries, and about Two Acres of most productive Garden Ground adjoining, desirably situated in the centre of the healthy village of Headington, near Oxford, with two Commons on Shotover Hill, now in the occupation of Mr. Samuel Wallace

1819: House in Headington meadow, plus attached tenement

Jackson's Oxford Journal,17 July 1819:

To be sold by Mr. T. Mallam at an auction at the Crown, Headington on 19 July:

A Stone built and Slated FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSE, situated in Headington Meadow, in the occupation of Thomas Horwood and Charles Moulder; and a tenement adjoining, in the occupation of William Harris

1819: Small house to let opposite St Andrew's Church (not Church House)

Jackson's Oxford Journal, 26 August 1820:

To be LET, and may be entered upon immediately,–A comfortable DWELLING HOUSE; consisting of an excellent cellar, 2 parlours, sitting room, kitchen, 3 very good sleeping rooms, and 3 attics; with convenient out-offices and garden, lately occupied by Mr. Gould, opposite the church.
   For particulars apply to Mr. Thomas Mallam, auctioneer, or Mr. Dudley, attorney, Oxford.

1824: Four-bedroomed freehold house for sale

Jackson's Oxford Journal, 22 May 1824: To be auctioned by Thomas Mallam at the Crown public house in Headington on 28 May:

A substantially built FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSE; consisting of 2 parlours, 4 bed rooms, kitchen, wash-house, good cellaring, and out-offices, and garden, pleasantly situated at Headington, about a mile from the City of Oxford, and near the turnpike-road, now in the occupation of Mr. Greenwood.
   Also, about 14 Lots of LAND, for BUILDINGS or GARDENS, held for the remainder of a long term of years, adjoining the above premises.

The distance of one mile from Oxford suggests it was near the top of Headington Hill (possibly the same house that was advertised in 1817).

1826: Seven-bedroomed house to let

Jackson's Oxford Journal, 4 March 1826:

TO be LET, and entered upon at Lady Day next,—A desirable DWELLING HOUSE, situated in the village of Headington, within two miles of Oxford; consisting of two sitting rooms, seven bed rooms, kitchen, back kitchen, laundry, and other out-offices; a good cellar, and excellent garden, walled all round…. For further particulars inquire of the Rev. Mr. Laurence, the present occupier.

This house was advertised to let again on 16 December 1827, the occupant then being named as the Rev. Mr. Wells.

1828: Four bedroomed house with malt house

Forthcoming auction by Thomas Mallam was advertised in Jackson's Oxford Journal on 14 June 1828:

A very desirable ESTATE, situate at the pleasant village of Headington, near Oxford; consisting of a substantial Stone-built DWELLING HOUSE, containing a parlour 4 bed rooms, kitchen, (fitted up with two coppers) brew-house, pantry, cellar, good yard, walled garden, large barn, extensive malt-house, granary, stabling for six horses, gig house, two good Tenements adjoining, and other conveniences. Also, an Orchard of between 1 and 2 Acres, well planted with choice apple trees, in full bearing, and Meadow of 8 Acres and upwards of very rich Land adjoining, and forming altogether a very compact Property, well adapted either for carrying on an extensive malting business, or for a respectable family Residence. The Estate is under lease to Mr. Henry Carr, at a rent of 77l., which will expire at Lady Day next, when full possession will fall in, and the lease carefully provides for the good repair and condition of the whole Estate. The tenure is Copyhold of Inheritance of the Manor of Headington, and subject only to a nominal fine, and equal in value to Freehold, except two Acres of the Meadow, which are Copyhold of Inheritance of the adjoining Manor, and nearly as good as Freehold.

This is not 69 Old High Street, which is known to have had a malt house, as that belonged to Magdalen College and this one's tenure was copyhold of the Manor of Headington.

1828: Five-bedroomed house to let

Jackson's Oxford Journal, 11 October 1828:

TO be LET,—A commodious HOUSE, consisting of an entrance hall, parlour, kitchen, out-offices, and cellars, with five good bedrooms, late in the occupation of Dr. Collier. Also a large GARDEN, adjoining the same. For particulars apply to Mr. T. Burrows, Oxford.

1849: New house with five bedrooms

Jackson's Oxford Journal, 1 December 1849:

All that modern Stone-built & Slated FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSE AND PREMISES, late in the occupation of the deceased proprietor. The House comprises entrance hall, 2 parlours, and kitchen, on the ground floor, and five bed rooms over; larder, brew-house, cellar, and other conveniences, with a large walled garden, and an orchard planted with choice fruit trees in full bearing; also extensive business premises, approached through a pair of large gates from the village road or street, containing a capital slaughter-house, fasting-pens, two-stall stable and harness room, and an extensive range of piggeries, ox stalls, calf pens, cart sheds, and other out-buildings, and large yard, the whole well supplied with water, and occupying a site of upwards of an acre.—The premises have been recently rebuilt at a great expense; they are spacious and roomy, and in all respects admirably adapted for the business of a butcher or dealer, possessing every accommodation for doing an extensive trade, and were occupied by the late Mr. Carr, a butcher, well known in the Oxford Market for a period of about 40 years.

Could this be The Grange (recently built and with gates)? But was not Henry Carr the butcher at 4 St Andrew's Lane?

1852: House opposite the Church

4 September 1852:

On Monday last a rural fete was given to a large party of villagers by Mr. Brunner, the coroner, who has recently taken the residence formerly occupied by the later Mr. Avours, opposite to the Church. In the close adjoining his residence a large tent was erected….

The auction of the same house was advertised on 13 January 1855:

Also an excellent DWELLING HOUSE, containing dining and drawing rooms, and five bed rooms, kitchen, back kitchen, and other conveniences; a malt-house; yard, with entrance from the street; two-stalled stable, coach-house, and other buildings. IN the rear of the House is a pleasure garden, very tastefully laid out; and attached thereto a kitchen garden, close, and orchard.
   The above premises occupy an area of about an acre and a half, and are situate in the centre of the village of Headington, nearly opposite the church, and now in the occupation of Mr. William Brunner.
   The last described property is Copyhold of Inheritance of the Manor of Headington.

In 1855 the house was described as one of the largest in the village, and was used by the so-called “Headington Swindlers”.

1854: Houses near the Britannia

Jackson's Oxford Journal of 2 December 1854 advertised a forthcoming sale by auction of three houses near the Britannia as follows (not Mount Pleasant):

Near the “Britannia” Public House, and within a short walk of Oxford

Lot 1.—A Stone-built HOUSE, in the occupation of the proprietor, Mr. Cook, containing a parlour, kitchen, wash-house, three bed rooms, and cellar, together with a good garden.

Lot 2.—A HOUSE, similarly built, and containing the same number of rooms, and also a garden in the rear. This lot is now void.

Lot 3.—A Stone-built HOUSE, in the occupation of Mr. Nichols, grocer, containing a shop, parlour, kitchen scullery, and three bed rooms; together with a large yard, with gateway from the road, and a detached building, suitable either for a stable and cart-house, or a cottage or bake-house.

These Buildings are very substantial and pleasantly situate; each house has a separate pump and good supply of water, and is replete with grates and cupboards.—The Land Tax is redeemed.

These three houses were advertised for sale again on 3 August 1861, when the pair were occupied by Mrs Tapper and Mr Pulker, and the larger house with the bakehouse by George Coleing.

Are these the three houses called Belle Vue to the east of New High Street?

1865: Elm House School

Where was this school, advertised on 4 November 1865?

ELM HOUSE, Headington, near Oxford.
MRS. DEMBSKI offers to young Ladies under the age of 15 all the comforts of a home, together with a thorough English education and instruction in French, German, Italian, Music, Singing, Drawing, and Dancing.
Terms moderate according to requirements, and inclusive

1866: A new built seven-bedroomed house

Where is this house, whose auctions was advertised on 29 September 1866?

A most desirable FREEHOLD RESIDENCE, at Headington, charmingly situated, with Gardens and Pleasure Ground, containing together 7A. 3R. 14P., or thereabouts. The House has been recently and substantially built, and is fitted with heating apparatus and every appliance for comfort and convenience. It contains entrance hall, breakfast, dining, and drawing rooms, conservatory, 7 bed rooms, bath room, servants' hall, cellars, and convenient servants' offices, and is suited for the residence of a genteel family, or for a Hunting Box. The out offices comprise stable, coach-house, and cow-house. The soil is rich, the views extensive, and the gardens and pleasure ground slope gradually to the valley. Also FIVE COTTAGES, with Gardens adjoining, substantially-built of stone and tiled; let to good tenants.

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