Headington history: The Manor of Heddington

1 September 1864

Manor of Heddington

Court Baron of Digby Latimer

Held on 1 September 1864

Sturman Latimer [Steward], Thomas Knowles, Richard Prince Howse

[8 The Croft]

Came the Rev. Thomas TAYLOR formerly of Colwall Hereford now of the City of Norwich clerk and James Crispin GREGG of the Town of Ledbury Gent Common Tenants and in consideration of £200 paid to them by Richard WOOTTEN and William Douglas COLE of St Clements Brewery Oxford Brewers and co-partners SURRENDER

Messuage or Tenement with a Yard behind and garden in front situate at Heddington within … and heretofor in occupation of William GURDEN but now of Charles TAYLOR and formerly known by the sign of the Spotted Pig but now by the sign of the Swan (to which the said TAYLOR and GREGG were admitted Tenants at the Court of 2 January 1852) to the use of the said Richard WOOTTEN and COLE etc.

Richard WOOTTEN in Court prayed to whom the Lord by … granted and delivered seizin thereof by the Rod … unto the said Richard WOOTTEN and COLE their heirs etc.

Rendering 4d and 2/6 heriot 10/- Admitted and featly respited

Present death of Robert HAYWARD admitted as a Common Tenant on 14 April 1859 seized copyhold estates within the Manor held by two Copies of Court Roll whereupon two Heriots of 2/- each due and by Will of Robert HAYWARD John DAY Francis BOSWELL appointed executors and heirs all to hold upon trust and sell his real estate and get in rest of his personal estate

Homage Francis BOSWELL died 21 June 1862 without having sold or disposed of the said Copyhold estates and that John DAY under deed poll on 16 March 1864 disclaimed the estates and trusts devised or given to him by the Will of Robert HAYWARD

Now at this Court came John SIMMONDS of Heddington aforesaid and produced an order of the Court of Chancery in words (that is to say Saturday 16th April 1864) In the matter of the Trustee Act 1850 and of the Trusts of the Will of Robert HAYWARD deceased "Vice Chancellor Stuart. Upon the petition of Ann HAYWARD Widow and Elizabeth Ann and Emily HAYWARD infants by the said Ann their mother and next friend [a lot of legal verification and procedure] the consent in writing of Digby Latimer Lord of the Manor of Heddington to this application as to such portion of the said lands as is holden of the said Manor of Heddington the affidavit of Sturman Latimer filed 15 June 1864 verifying the signature to the consent and it appearing that petitioners are interested in the lands subject to the Trusts of the Will. New Trustee shall be appointed but not practicable without assistance of this Court." So Court agreed

John SIMMONDS new Trustee and he prayed to be admitted Tenant to a messuage cottage or tenement with the garden and appurtenances belonging situate at Heddington formerly in the occupation of Thomas Gorton JONAS

1/- ?X/- fealty respited

At this Court the Homage presented the death of Robert HAYWARD a Customary Tenant on 14 April 1859 seized of two copyhold estates

2 Heriots of 2/- each due

John SIMMONDS new trustee admitted tenant to a plot or piece of ground at Heddington within this Manor and parcel of the C.L with the messuage thereon formerly in the occupation of James CLARKE but now of John a BEAR containing in length on the East and West sides thereof 30 feet and 6 inches and on the North and South sides 104 feet Bounded on the East and West [should latter be South?] by garden ground formerly in the occupation of George BALLACHEY but now Maria BALLACHEY (heretofore belonging to Thomas Godfrey) on the West by the Street of Heddington and on the North by a messuage and garden formerly belonging to Joseph Lock but now to Maria BALLACHEY and at present in the occupation of William R. HURST (The Priory)

And also a piece of ground lying at the East and on the South side of the said messuage and which parcel was some time since then thrown into and now forms part of the garden occupied with the said messuage

And also a small piece of ground forming part of the carriage road to the said messuage

[All now described as]

all that messuage or tenement with the stable coach house and other outbuildings and appurtenances thereunto belonging ….

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