Headington history: The Manor of Heddington

31 October 1856

Manor of Heddington

Court Baron of Digby Latimer

Held on Friday 31 October 1856

Before: Digby Latimer

Sworn: Thomas Godfrey and John North

[The Hermitage, 69 Old High Street]

At this Court the Homage present that of Thomas KNOWLES a copyhold tenant since last court and also Probate of the Will of Thomas KNOWLES which was made on 2 March 1854 and proved on 22 October 1856 by William KNOWLES and Thomas KNOWLES the sons of Thomas KNOWLES deceased All property to be divided between his sons William and Thomas and both in Court and pray to be admitted Tenants to the said devised hereditaments i.e.

All that messuage or tenement with backside and garden ground within the Manor of Heddington lately in the occupation of …BELL but since divided and part now occupied by Widow GODFREY and remainder unoccupied (to which said premises the said Thomas KNOWLES admitted tenant at Court of 28 September 1841 on surrender of Benjamin HEATH) To whom Lord delivered Seizin to have and hold under the said William KNOWLES and Thomas KNOWLES as tenants in common and not as joint tenants. Rendered 1/2 and a Heriot and the said William KNOWLES and Thomas KNOWLES paid to the Lord for a fine 10/- and their fealty was respited

And immediately after came William KNOWLES and in consideration of £125 to him paid by Thomas KNOWLES receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged SURRENDERED out of his hands into the hands of the Lord of the Manor all that the equal undivided moiety of him the said William KNOWLES of and in all those the aforesaid hereditaments and premises and rents profits etc and all the estate … and in…ed of William KNOWLES in the undivided first moiety of the said hereditaments

To the only use of Thomas KNOWLES and his heirs etc

And Thomas KNOWLES present prayed admitted to the said moiety of the said hereditaments surrendered to his use tendering 7d and half an heriot

Fine 5/- admitted and his fealty was respited.

[Church House, St Andrew's Road]

Within the Court proceedings comes a Power of Attorney of Rev James Nelson Palmer of Bramore Rectory near Salisbury Clerk a Customary Tenant to surrender

Messuage and yard and garden in Heddington herebefore in occupation of Rev James PALMER and afterwards Rev William ODDIE which said James PALMER died seized and intestate and to which James Nelson PALMER was admitted on 31 January 1849 To use of Frederick LATIMER of Heddington Wine Merchant

and in my name to procure the said Frederick LATIMER his heirs to be admitted Tenant.

Signed J. N. Palmer

At this Court comes the Rev James Nelson PALMER (by his Attorney) and in consideration of £150 to him paid by Frederick LATIMER OF Oxford Wine Merchant SURRENDERED all that messuage yard garden and premises and appurtenances in Heddington heretofore in the occupation of Rev William ODDIE afterwards of Orlando JEWITT but lately unoccupied To which James Nelson PALMER m… on 31 January 1849 to USE of Frederick LATIMER his heirs and in Court prays Rent 2/- Heriot 3/- 10/- fine and Fealty respited

1st Proclamation for heir at law or devisee of Hannah Matilda Strainge MEDWIN

Holmes Shaw

© Stephanie Jenkins

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