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Headington in 1857

Rev. W. E. Sherwood, Oxford Yesterday:
Memoirs of Oxford Seventy Years ago (Basil Blackwell, 1927)

St Clement’s was much as now as far as Marston Lane. Beyond that Mr. Morrell’s Park was newly enclosed, and the Hall itself was being built and the shrubberies planted. After that there were a few scattered houses until we came to Headington and Headington Quarry. New Headington and Highfield did not exist, nor was the South Park yet thought of.

The present Headington Hill Halll was bult by James Morrell between 1856 and 1858. What is now South Park was then farmland, belonging to the Knapp family of the adjoining mansion on Headington Hill called “The Rise”

The basic road structure of New Headington (New High Street and the square of houses to the south) had in fact been laid out in 1852, and a few houses had been built there. The Highfield Estate was not sold off until 1875.


William Edward Sherwood was the Master of Magdalen College School from 1888 to 1900, and also served as Mayor of Oxford for 1913/14 (the first University Councillor to hold the office.




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