Travelling to Headington by rail

Oxford [OXF] railway station

This lies to the west of the city off Park End Street, and trains run there from Paddington.

You willl need to take either a taxi or a bus from Oxford station to Headington. There are two direct bus services: the Arriva 280 leaves the station forecourt half-hourly for Headington, and the Park & Ride (which only calls at the three main Headington stops) runs every 10 minutes from the road beside the station.

Oxford Parkway [OXP] railway station

This lies to the north of the city near the Water Eaton Park & Ride, and Chiltern Railways trains run there from Marylebone.

It is further away than the central station, and public transport would usually involve getting two buses, one into Oxford and another up to Headington, but on a weekday the No. 700 bus will take you direct to Headington shops, but there is no evening service after 7.30pm.

On-line timetables

Relevant train companies

Travelling by train from Heathrow

If you are travelling from Heathrow to Oxford, you have to take a train into central London and another one back to Oxford. The fast bus service is recommended instead.

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