Other religions in Headington area

Nearest Jewish synagogue

The nearest synagogue to Headington is just to the north of central Oxford, at 21 Richmond Road, Jericho (at its junction with Nelson Street and Walton Crescent)   MAP

Centre for Islamic Studies

Nearest Muslim group
  • Oxford Islamic Congration
    Summertown Hall
    (corner of Banbury and Portland Roads)
    Oxford OX2 7EZ
  • Central Oxford Mosque
    Manzil Way, Cowley
    Oxford, OX4 1DJ   MAP
  • Bangladesh Mosque
    57 Cowley Road
    Oxford OX4 1HR   MAP
  • Madinah Mosque
    2 Stanley Road
    Oxford OX4 1QZ   MAP

Right: The new Centre for Islamic Studies on the Marston Road, still in process of being built

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