Old TV

UK television adverts 1955–1990

Beauty and toilet goods

Alberto VO5

Hold that style with Alberto VO5!

Alberto VO5 shampoo: 1970s

Do you have dry, unmanageable hair? Then try Alberto VO5 [more]

Amami shampoo

Friday night is Amami night!

Amplex breath freshener: 1988

Don’t get a complex — Get Amplex.

(Patrick MacNee as Mr Steed from the Avengers)

Andrex toilet tissue (1): 1972

[Andrex Labrador puppy pulls the paper down the stairs]

You’ll probably like new Andrex because it’s beautifully soft and very strong. But there's another reason for liking new Andrex: there's much more of it. In fact it gives you more paper on every roll than almost an other tissue. New Andrex: it goes a long, long way

Andrex toilet tissue (2): 1972

Just about everyone like Andex because – well, it's so nice and soft. It's also very, very strong. It's this softness and strength of Andrex that makes it rather special. But there's something else about Andrex that you may have noticed: it happens to be longer than just about every other toilet roll.

Andrex toilet tissue (3): 1972

Soft, strong, and very long!

Aquafresh 3 toothpaste

Music!We want blue stripes,
We want white,
We want the red stripes …
But that’s all right!
As you can see,
Aquafresh has all three,
Three-in-one protection for your family!Music!

Voiceover: The red stripe helps fight plaque and protects gums, the white stripe has fluoride to fight decay, and there’s a blue stripe for fresh breath.

Music!That’s why Aquafresh gives all three …
Three-in-one protection for your family.Music!

Tune: Three Little Fishes


Promise her anything, but give her Arpège.

Astral moisturising cream

To cherish, to care for your skin.


Music!I’ve been sweet and I’ve been good,
I’ve had a whole long day of motherhood,
But I’m going to have an Aviance night,
Yes, I’m going to have an Aviance night!Music!

Avon (1): 1960s

The best thing a lady puts on!

Avon (2): 1970s

[Ding Dong] Avon calling!


Things happen after a Badedas bath!

Bristow’s Lanolin Shampoo: 1962

High style? Dry hair spoils it. Latest cut? Dry hair spoils it. Whatever you try, dry hair spoils it.

Dry hair needs Bristow’s Lanolin Shampoo. Bristow’s special lanolin replaces the natural oils dry hair lacks, makes it feel good, look good: silky smooth, just as you want it.

See the difference when you use Bristow’s Lanolin Shampoo.

Brut 33 splash-on lotion: 1975

(with Henry Cooper)

Splash it all over!

Brut 33 deodorant: 1976

(Henry Cooper and Kevin Keegan in the gym)

Kevin: Good work-out today, ’Enry!

Henry: And after a good work-out …

Kevin: … nothing beats the good smell of Brut …

Henry: ’Ere, are you trying to muscle-in on my act?

Kevin: Yeah, why don’t you throw in the towel, ’Enry?

Henry: Gertcha!

Voice-over: Brut 33 — the deodorant with muscle!


Brylcreem (1): 1950s

Brylcreem, Brylcreem, Brylcreem!

Music!Brylcreem, a little dab’ll do ya,
Brylcreem, you’ll look so debonair,
Brylcreem, the gals’ll all pursue ya…
They love to get their fingers in your hair!Music!

Brylcreem (2)

Grooms without gumming.

Brylcreem (3): 1970s

Put a little Brylcreem on your hair….

Brylcreem (3)

A little dab of Brylcreem on your hair gives you the Brylcreem bounce.

Brylcreem (4)

Brylcreem puts life into dry hair!

Cadum soap: c.1960

A lady in a bath with a mountain of bubbles

Cadum for Madam
In pink and in gold,
More than a soap —
A beauty treatment.

Camay soap (1)

Music!You’ll look a little lovelier each day,
With fabulous pink Camay!Music!

[with Katie Boyle]

Camay soap (2)

Made with perfume worth nine guineas an ounce!

Camay soap (3): 1970

She (antiques shop assistant): Careful, that’s very valuable.

He: It’s real porcelain isn’t it? So smooth and delicate — It’s beautiful, like erm — like your complexion.

She: Oh, do you think so?

He: Yes!

She: Like porcelain!

Voice-over: It must be Camay with moisturising cream — A lather so creamy you’d think it came from a jar. Camay helps keep skin smooth.

She: Anything else?

Voice-over: To help keep a complexion as smooth as porcelain use Camay.

Camay soap (4)

You are in a beauty contest every day of your life!

Camay soap (5): 1974

Creamy Camay: Soft lather, soft skin.

Chanel No. 5 perfume (1)

I am made of blue sky and golden light, and I will feel this way
forever … share the fantasy!

Chanel No. 5 perfume: 1979

(The background tune to the advert was a cover of the Inkspots 1950s hit: I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire)

Music!I don’t want to set the world on fire
I just want to start a flame in your heart….Music!

He whispers: Charles …

She whispers: Yes?

He whispers: Do you mind if I ask you a personal question?

She whispers: What is it, darling?

Voiceover: Share the fantasy — Chanel No.5.

Chanel No. 19 perfume: Christmas 1984

Chanel No.19 — the outspoken Chanel.

Charlie Perfume: 1975

Music!There’s a fragrance that’s here to stay
And they call it … “Charlie”
Dum de dum …
It’s kind of fresh, kind of NOW — Charlie!
It’s kind of new, kind of WOW — Charlie!Music!

Clairol Hair Colouring/Lightener (1)

Does she … or doesn’t she?
Only her hairdresser knows for sure.

Clairol Hair Colouring

Stop right now and forget everything you ever knew about being a blonde. Up to now you could never be any of these delicate blondes.

Clairol Hair Colouring/Lightener (2)

If I’ve only one life, let me live it as a blonde!

Clairol Loving Care: early 1960s

How long has it been since your husband thought to bring you flowers? Could it be you seem older than you are?

Hate that grey? Wash it away!

Wash years away in minutes with Loving Care Hair Colour Lotion by Clairol. No mixing! No peroxide! Loving Care pours on right out of the bottle. Colours only the grey. Washes it away without changing your natural hair colour! Easy! Used about once a month — Loving Care keeps grey away so you can forget you ever had any. Just choose the tone most like your own. It won’t rub off and looks so fresh and natural.

Makes your husband feel younger too — just to look at you!

Colgate: 1967

… with Gardol.

Get the Colgate ring of confidence around you.

Colgate (2)

3-in-1 protection for your family


Softness is a thing called Comfort.

Cosifit nappies: early 1970s

Music!Cosifits are happy
The elasticated nappy
They do not leak
They’re fantastic!
They do not leak
They’re elastic!
And Cosifits are cosy so cosy cosy cosy!
They do not leak
They’re fantastic!Music!

Coty lipstick: 1960s

A dancing mood, a gay new dress, and to match them both: Coty lipstick.

Yes Coty lipstick colours are fashion-matched, each a perfect partner for one of the lovely new London shades. Choose your Coty lip colour from: Dahlia, Forest Fire, Coral Pink, Red Ribbon, Fresh Pink, Spun Gold, Gay Fuchsia, Rose Satin … and remember: Coty lipstick stays on longer, smooth, glowing, and extra brilliant!

Ask for Coty Fashion Matched lipstick — in the heavenly candy-striped case!

Crest: 1959

(Small boy arriving home from the dentist’s — with Dad)

Boy: Mum, I’m home! Look mum, no cavities!

Mum: No new cavities! That’s wonderful!

Dad: None for me either — this Crest toothpaste really works!

Voice-over: Yes, Crest really works — for grown-ups and children, because only Crest has Fluoristan — a special Fluoride formula. Fluoride is the decay fighter dentists use — the decay fighter dentists put on teeth to prevent cavities. With Crest you put this same fluoride on your teeth at home too, every time you brush. That’s why Crest can cut your family’s cavity rate almost in half. Yes, when you switch to Crest with Fluoride you can prevent about half your family’s cavities. And for stopping mouth odour no toothpaste beats Crest. So switch to Crest and you too may hear:

“Look mum, no cavities!”

Denim aftershave

For men who don’t have to try too hard.

Drene Shampoo: 1965

Use New Drene and you’ll stay perfectly fresh all day.

Earthborn shampoo: 1960s

It is the bounce, the natural bounce — and you get it with Earthborn shampoo!

Eve toilet soap

Eve toilet soap will keep your complexion beautiful for him

Fairy toilet soap

The pure green soap from Fairy,

Fairy toilet soap: 1974

Fairy has the cleaning edge.

FemFresh: ?1965

When soap and water is not enough to keep a woman confident —
FemFresh for feminine hygiene.

Fore Aftershave: 1969

Always the best for Georgie
Fore! men’s grooming aids
Mean, masculine — aftershave, hairspray, talc — the lot!
Fore! brings out the “best” in a man.

[with George Best]

Gibbs SR Toothpaste (1): 1955

The first advertisement ever shown on UK television. On 22 September 1955, at 20:12:07, Jack Jackson announced: “And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for …”

[Toothpaste shown in a block of ice, the Sodium Ricinoleate being added, and the packaging. Meg Smith brushing her teeth]

It’s tingling fresh! It’s fresh as ice!

It’s Gibbs SR Toothpaste — the tingling fresh toothpaste that does your gums good too.
The tingle you get when you brush with SR is much more than a nice taste — it’s a tingle of health. It tells you something very important, that you’re doing your gums good and toughening them to resist infection. And as this chart shows, gum infection is the cause of more tooth losses than decay itself. The tingle in SR comes from Sodium Ricinoleate — a substance which both dental research and years of use in dental practice have shown to be good for the gums.

So to keep your teeth white as snow, your gums really healthy, and your breath really fresh: see your dentist regularly and brush with SR — the tingling fresh toothpaste for teeth and gums.

Gibbs SR!

[Voice-over by Alex Macintosh]

Gibbs SR toothpaste (2)

Brush away
The SR way.

Gibbs SR toothpaste (3)

Series of close ups of teeth being brushed

Voiceover: The tingle says S and you say aaarrrhhh.

Gibbs SR toothpaste (4): c.1973

Help yourself to keep your teeth.

Gillette Blue razor blades: 1950s

Music!Look sharp, feel sharp, be sharp …
And listen mister!
How are you fixed for blades? (do you have many?)
How are you fixed for blades? (you’d better check!)
Please make sure you have enough —
’Cos a worn-out blade makes shaving mighty tough!
How are you fixed for blades? (you’d better look!)
Gillette Blue blades are neat! Music!

Gillette twin-bladed GII razor: 1970s

Twin blades that shave you close, then closer still.

Gillette razors: early 1980s

Music!You’ve come so far … and we know how to make the most of who you are!
When the race is ru-u-n — you’re the champi-o-o-n!
Gillette — The best a man can get!
Gillette — The best a man can get!Music!

Gleem Toothpaste: 1950s

For people who can’t brush their teeth after every meal.

Hai Karate aftershave

Be careful how you use it!

Halo shampoo (1)

Halo Everybody Halo!
Halo is the shampoo that glorifies your hair,
So Halo everybody Halo,
For softer, livelier curls and brighter sparkling hair.

Halo means natural beauty
The first time that you use it
And you need no special rinsing
After you use it.

Halo Everybody Halo!
Halo Shampoo Halo!

Halo shampoo (2)

Try Halo, let yourself glow!

Harmony hairspray (1)

“That girl’s wearing New Harmony hairspray.”

“Go on, you’re always saying that.”

“I’ve never said it to you before.”

Voice-over: Now it’s even harder to tell because New Harmony looks and feels even more natural — keeps hair looking smoother and softer.

“Excuse me.”

“Right again.”

Voice-over: New Harmony — now the kindest hair-spray there is. One of them’s a natural — for your hair.

Harmony hairspray (2): 1978

Is she or isn’t she?
Yes, she is wearing a hairspray —
and it’s Harmony hairspray in a brand new formula!
So fine and gentle — you’re the only one who knows for sure!
New Harmony hairspray!

Harmony hairspray (3)

Josephine’s hair is wild and unkempt…. Napoleon returns from battle, enters the tent, takes one look, and says: “Not tonight Josephine!” … then she tries Harmony.

Head & Shoulders (1): 1968

Lady: Call me Jenny. Free on Saturday as well?

Babysitter: Oh I’m free every night — with this.

Lady: What’s the problem? Dandruff? [Babysitter nods.] I’ve got something new for that — Head & Shoulders.

Babysitter: Head & Shoulders? Oh, a shampoo. The ones I’ve tried never seem to do anything for my dandruff.

Lady: This is a new one and it worked for me. Just use it regularly. Do try it.

Babysitter: Smells nice, great lather — great if it worked.

Lady: You look nice tonight — new sweater?

Babysitter: New hair, more like. I could never risk black before. Your Head & Shoulders really did work. So tonight’s for free.

Lady: All right, I’ll pay you double on Saturday.

Babysitter: Saturday? Oh, I’m sorry, I’m booked — with a fella.

Lady: I see. Well, just keep your head — and your shoulders.

Voiceover: New from Procter & Gamble: Head & Shoulders — a dandruff shampoo that works.

(With Sally Gleeson as the babysitter)

Head & shoulders (2)

I didn’t know you had dandruff!”

“I don’t. Head & Shoulders doesn’t just prevent dandruff — it keeps your hair looking great.”

Head & shoulders (3): late 1970s

A dandruff shampoo that works.

Hiltone (Hair lightening product): late 1950s

Get that shade lighter look

Huggies nappies: c.1975

Do it in Huggies.
Healthy. Happy. Huggies

Imperial Leather

Rare but good.


When a man you’ve never met before suddenly gives you flowers.

Impulse body spray: 1982

Impulse — the irresistible all-over body-spray
Men just can’t help acting on Impulse!


Insignia’s got everything,
Shampoo to shower gel,
Deodorant and aftershave
In one all-over smell,
Now it’s new Insignia —
And it’s all over now!

Johnson’s baby powder

For all those important little places.

Johnson’s Baby Shampoo

No more tears.

Jontue: early 1970s

Come to find the beautiful fragrance of Jontue — sensual … but not too far from innocence. Jontue — the beautiful fragrance … sensual, but not too far from innocence. Jontue from Revlon — wear it and be wonderful!

Kiku: 1974/5

The soap on a rope.

Kleenex tissues (1): 1966

Music!Kleenex kitchen towels,
Tear off another one quick!
Made to mop up like a sponge,
Because they’re double thick.

Kleenex tissues (2)

Don’t put a cold in your pocket! —
Use Kleenex Tissues.

Kleenex tissues (2)

Thank goodness for Kleenex.

Kleenex tissues (3)

Big and strong … best for colds.

Kleenex tissues (4)

Music!Pick up Boutique, Boutique it away, Boutique it away;
Pick up Boutique and Boutique it away.
Pick up Boutique, Boutique it away, Boutique it away;
Pick up Boutique and Boutique it away.Music!

Kleenex tissues (5): 1974

Soft, strong, pops up too!
Kleenex tissues are just for you!

Knight's Castile soap: c.1963

Look your loveliest with Knight's Castile.

Lifebuoy soap (1): oddments

Lifebuoy soap: For around the clock freshness.

B.O. Your best friend won’t tell you.

What even your best friend won’t tell you

Woman who has been shunned: Then a friend told me why: B.O.

Lifebuoy soap (2): 1962

Living at today’s non-stop pace, it’s harder than ever to stay fresh.
So say NO to BO with new Lifebuoy toilet soap —
now more effective against BO than ever!
Use it every day for non-stop protection …
because Lifebuoy now has double the deodorant!
You stay fresh and confident … even at today’s non-stop pace!
Double deodorant Lifebuoy says NO to BO!


Because I’m worth it.
(Later became: Because you’re worth it)

Loxene Shampoo

Music!Hair with a shine and a shimmer and a sheen;
That’s the look — Loxene.
Health hair that’s clean as clean;
That’s the look — Loxene.
Ever seen a foam like this before?
Ever had your hair so clean before?
When the Loxene habit comes to stay,
You wash your dandruff clean away.
For hair with a shine and a shimmer and a glimmer and a sheen:
Look, Loxene!Music!

Lux soap: 1950s

The soap of the stars!

Lux soap: early 1960s

Sandie Shaw: I asked if I could sing about Lux but they said: no, just use your own words. Well, I think New Lux is fantastic, and really new! It’s got a new wrapper and a wonderful new perfume — just the kind I go for! But what’s really marvellous about New Lux is the new silky lather! It seems more than just a lather, it feels like a rich cream, and leaves my complexion so soft and smooth! New Lux makes me feel really good all over … right down to my toes! Try it yourself — see how great it is!

Lynx: 1985

Lynx is different!
Lynx is the all-over deodorant body-spray for men.
Lynx is musk, amber, spice …
Lynx — because first impressions count!

Lyril soap: 1950s

Chorus: Music!Get that lovely, lively Lyril feeling!Music!

Girl: Lyril? it’s sensational: a new kind of soap! Well, it feels just like soap till you wash with it, then things start to happen

Chorus: Music!Get that lovely, lively Lyril feeling!Music!

Girl: It’s soap, but it’s different. You can tell by the lather: that feels different somehow. Even the water feels different!

Chorus: Music!Get that lovely, lively Lyril feeling!Music!

Girl: Soap was never like this. My skin feels so different. I have never felt so clean. I feel just sensational!

Chorus: Music!Get that lovely, lively Lyril feeling!Music!

Girl: It’s a tingle inside you. you just bubble over. I thought soap was just soap. But oh, this Lyril!

Chorus: Music!Get that lovely, lively Lyril feeling!Music!

Girl: Lyril? It’s sensational!

Macleans toothpaste (1)

Music!Macleans white teeth mean healthy teeth,
But half-clean teeth are not.Music!

Macleans toothpaste (2)

Have you Macleaned your teeth today?

Macleans toothpaste (3): c.1965

Macleans says whiteness a hundred times a day!

Macleans toothpaste (4)

Music!You’re as cold as ice (Ice white smile)
You’re willing to sacrifice (Ice fresh breath)
You’re as cold as ice
You’re willing to sacrifice.Music!

Macleans ice whitening!

[Tune: “Cold as Ice” by Foreigner]

Mandate aftershave (1): 1977

Mandate says a lot for a man!

Mandate aftershave (2): 1983

Sensual, long lasting Mandate
Worn by men
Loved by women

Mary Quant make-up

Make-up to make love in.

Matey bubble bath 1985

Matey —
Clean fun, clean kids, clean bath.

Max Factor

Mr Max Factor from Hollywood
Brings to you
Dreams come true

Maybelline eye makeup

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline.

Mentadent P: 1980

(A lorry driver kisses his wife on the doorstep before leaving for work, and all the neighbours come out in their nightwear to remind him about brushing his teeth)

Music!While your on your foreign trip,
Stay fit and well,
Don’t forget to to care for your gums,
Brush with Mentadent P.

Remember P for protection, oo-hoo
P for prevention, oo-hoo,
P for the plaque that grows on your gum-gums.

Stay away from greasy cafs,
Get to bed by three,
Take good care of your gums,
Brush with Mentadent P!Music!

[Tune: “Button up your overcoat”]

Mum Rollette deodorant: 1960s

(Words shown on screen as girl dances)

Discotheque London

It’s hot: over 70°.
This girl: cool, dry.
She uses Mum.
She’s tried other deodorants.

Music!Yes you gotta hold on!Music!

Bet she uses Mum.

Music!Baby gotta hold on!Music!

To help stay cool, stay dry.

Music!Everybody hold on!Music!

Voiceover: Whatever you’re doing, Mum Rollette helps keep you cool, keep you dry.

Mum deodorant

My Mum’s better than your Mum.
No my Mum’s better than yours!
No my Mum’s better than your Mum.
No my Mum’s better than yours!

Mum keeps you fresh

The Natural Way; 1974

Some men have no way of controlling their hair,
Other men have the Natural Way.
Both ways look pretty much alike —
At least … some of the time!
The Natural Way is a new man’s hairspray that sprays
so invisibly fine it looks like nothing, but holds like anything —
And that’s why it’s called …
The Natural Way!

[With Likely Lads Rodney Bewes & James Bolan]

Nice and Easy hair colour

Music!Nice ’n’ easy, Nice ’n’ Easy,
The new kind of shampoo-in
That looks like ?new in.Music!

Nivea (1): c.1960

Sung by a female chorus:
Music!Your skin needs Nivea.Music!

Nivea (2)

It helps protect your skin.

Old Spice (1): 1950s

Yo-Ho! Yo-Ho!
Brushless or lather boys, whichever you've the notion.
Fifty cents for shaving cream, a dollar for the lotion.
"Old Spice means quality," said the captain to the boson.
So look for the package with the ship that sails the ocean.
Yo-Ho! Yo-Ho!

Old Spice (2)

The thrill of Roses.

Spiced with excitement.

Speaking of love.

Old Spice (3): Christmas 1984

Give him Old Spice for Christmas.
The classic, masculine fragrance.
The mark of a man!

Old Spice (4): 1970s

Old Spice! Refreshing, invigorating, sensual!
Perhaps it’s one reason why women are always impatiently waiting for their men to return from the sea!

Old Spice (5): late 1970s

Music: “O Fortuna” by Carl Orff

Surfer riding the waves

Announcer: It’s time to face the music. You’ll become a man, you’ll find success.

Palmolive Shave Foam: 1960s

The smoothest way to start your day is with a Palmolive shave.

Palmolive soap

Keep that schoolgirl complexion.

Pampers: 1970s

Give your baby something you never had as a baby — a drier bottom.

Pears Soap

Preparing to be a beautiful lady.

Pepsodent toothpaste (1): 1957

Music!You’ll wonder where the yellow went
When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent.
For whiter teeth, fresher breath … Pepsodent!
You’ll wonder where the yellow went
When you go steady with Pepsodent!Music!

[Mimicked in “That Was The Week That Was” in 1963 when Willie Rushton sang: “You’ll wonder where the Tories went / When Wilson forms his government”]

Pepsodent toothpaste (2): 1957

(Wolf whistle)
What’s your secret, Susie Q?
The boys all seem to go for you.

It’s true the boys all like my style,
But the secret is my winning smile.
I used to sit home discontent,
Till I discovered Pepsodent!

Music!You’ll wonder where the yellow went
When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent!Music!

Now Pepsodent cleans film away — It’s tasty too — get some today!

Music! You’ll wonder where the yellow went
When paste and brush are Pepsodent — Pepsodent!Music!

Pepsodent toothpaste (3): 1950s

(Wolf whistle)
Hey, hey Suzie Q — what’s cookin’ with you?
Your teeth look whiter than no-no new!

My teeth aren’t new but my toothpaste is,
New Pepsodent, get with it kids!
New package, new flavour, new formula too —
Means brighter smiles for me and you.

Music!You’ll wonder where the yellow went
When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent!Music!

New formula with I.M.P.
Gets teeth much whiter — you can see!
It cleans the stains and film away
While IRIUM fights tooth decay.

Music!You’ll wonder where the yellow went
When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent!Music!

The taste is new — so fresh and clean,
That new taste really lasts, it’s keen,
And while it makes your smile a rave —
It also makes your breath behave.
So start going steady right away —
With Pepsodent — get some today!

Music!You’ll wonder where the yellow went
When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent!
Pepsodent! Pepsodent!Music!

Pepsodent toothpaste (4)

The smile that wins is the Pepsodent smile!

Pepsodent toothpaste (5)

Pepsodent wins 3 to 1 over any other toothpaste!

Philips Philishave: 1956

A better shave all round.

Pretty Feet deodorant: 1969

What’s the ugliest part of your body?

Puritan soap

Puritan Soap (c.1955)

Featuring a lady prancing around a stage set

Music!Puritan, Puritan … the modern home soapMusic!

Quickie’s tissue packs

Quick, quick, quick my Quickies!

Radox bath salts: mid-1960s

Ease away those aches and pains.
Relax in a Radox bath.

Remington shavers: c.1980

I liked the shaver so much I bought the company.

[Victor Kiam]

Rimmel “Beauty on a budget” make-up: early 1960s

The Rimmel “Beauty on a budget” series — all that’s best for beauty, all at 1/3d, enables the career girl in a hurry to choose a cosmetic wardrobe in the minimum time, the housewife with a limited budget to afford the best in cosmetics, and the teenager to experiment with new fragrances, new make-up, and new shades!

Music!Choose from the Rimmel … the Rimmel “Beauty on a budget” tray! $
All that’s best for beauty — all at 1/3d!Music!

Scotties: c.1960

Is there a cold in the house?
There is?! Two?! Never mind, extra soft Scotties are kind to tender noses.
Give your cold the gentle care of Scotties!
Soft, soft Scotties — with wet strength!
So blow as hard as you like — you’ll never blow a hole through a Scottie!
In white, softest pink, and yellow.

Signal toothpaste (1)

The toothpaste with hexachlorophene in the stripe.

Signal toothpaste (2): c.1972

Signal 2. Proven to fight decay.

Silvikrin shampoo

Silvikrin puts the “oo” in “shampoo”!

Smokers Toothpowder

Smokers Toothpowder removes unwanted stains.

Sno-Mist deodorant: early 1960s

Close-up confidence!

Spruce Aftershave: c.1968

Spruce, Spruce,
Springly, tingly,
Spruce, Spruce,
Spruce after-shave by Gillette….

Steradent: c.1965–c.1975

With false teeth immersed in a glass spelling out D–E–N–T–U–R–E–S

Steradent keeps your teeth as clean as the day your dentist fitted them!

Sunsilk shampoo

Part of the art of being beautiful!

Supersoft shampoo: early 1960s

Music!Supersoft, Supersoft shampoo …

Supersoft shampoo — with real French perfume!

(Price shown on sachet was 4d)

Sure deodorant

Music!Raise your hand! You’ve got it!
Raise you’re hand! You know it!
You feel confident and secure.
Raise your hand! (You know why now.)
Raise your hand! (You feel dry now.)
Raise your hand if you’re sure — confident, confident, dry and secure.
Raise your hand, raise your hand, if you’re sure!Music!

Toni home perm

Which twin has the Toni?

Tweed Perfume: c.1970

Wear Tweed – the finishing touch.

Ulay Foaming Beauty Wash (now Olay)

He: In five days we’ll change the way you wash your face for ever.

She: What’s wrong with soap and water? I said. OK I find soap and water a bit drying but that’s the price you pay for clean skin.

He: We asked Sheridan to use Ulay’s foaming beauty wash instead of soap for five days.

She: After rinsing my skin felt smoother — as clean as soap but not at all dry. I wasn’t expecting softer skin after just five days but that’s what I got.

He: Ulay’s foaming beauty wash will change the way you wash your face for ever.

She: I’ll never let soap near my face again. Fantastic!

Ultra-Brite toothpaste: 1975

Ultra Brite gets you noticed!
Take Cindy:
For three weeks Cindy had flown with Captain Jim Sinclair —
but Jim felt Cindy was strictly coffee, tea, or milk.
Then Cindy discovered Ultra Brite!
Ultra Brite! Dynamite white! Dynamite fresh!
It got her noticed!
That night Cindy and Jim took off together.
Her feet haven’t touched the ground since!
Try new Ultra Brite — for a smile so white ….
It gets you noticed!

Us Deodorant: 1970

Every day in every way you’re OK with Us
Us goes everywhere we go — to help keep us dry
The hotter we get the harder Us works
Us — the deodorant for him, for her, for all of us
Every day in every way you’re OK with Us!
Day after day (you’re OK) night after night (you’re OK)
You’re OK with U-u-u-s!

Veet hair removal cream (1972/3)

After using Veet a model drops a silk scarf on her leg and the scarf slides smoothly down to the floor

Voiceover: Do your legs pass the silk scarf test? … Veet – silky smooth.

Vosene Dandruff Shampoo (1984)

A mother sends her young children to cross the road aided by the lollipop man.

Voiceover: A mother only puts her trust in safe hands.

A green blob falls across the screen, followed by the children’s older sister washing her hair and then brushing it.

Older sister: You trust in Vosene because it gives them family dandruff control with nothing more dramatic than regular shampooing.

The whole family is shown on a bench outside in the garden, where we can see the girl’s shiny hair, followed by the father washing his hair, and the mother taking the shampoo.


White Rain Shampoo

Music!Use new White Rain shampoo tonight
And tomorrow your hair will be sunshine bright,
White Rain
White Rain!Music!

[with a young blonde wearing a mackintosh dancing around to this jingle with an umbrella]

Wilkinson’s Sword

The world’s finest blade.

Yardley make-up: Late 1960s

(Clips of the Beatles, dancing, miniskirts and Carnaby Street)

Yardley of London — where the new scene began.

Wisdom toothbrushes: 1960s

Get a new Wisdom – the toothbrush that won't be harmed even by the hottest water.

Zest soap: 1966

You’re not clean until you’re Zestfully clean!

Adverts wanted

Amplex breath fresheners

Amplex deodorant

Anne French cleansing milk

Arrid Extra-Dry deodorant

Atrixo handcream

Body Mist


Bronco toilet paper

Carmen heated rollers

Charlie perfume


Delsey toilet rolls

Disposable nappies (Tufty Tails, Cozyfit, Snugglers)

Dry shampoos

Efferdent toothpaste

Eucryl tooth powder

Euthymol toothpaste and dentifrice powder

Gillette 7 o’clock blades

Gordon Moore’s cosmetic toothpaste

Grecian Formula 16 and 2000


Izal toilet paper

Johnson’s baby oil

Knight’s Castile soap

Lifebuoy soap

Linco beer shampoo

Loxene shampoo

Lux soap


Max Factor Pan Stick

Miners makeup

Odorono deodorant

Old Spice

Outdoor Girl makeup

Pears soap

Pifco hair-driers

Pifco curling tongs

Ponds cold cream

Revlon makeup


Sunsilk shampoo

Twink home perm

Vitapointe tubes of hair conditioner

Wilkinson Sword razor blades

Yardley’s make-up and toiletries

“Moonlight becomes you, it goes with your hair” (hair a mess: hairspray: ?Harmony)

“I’ll says she does” (?toothpaste)

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