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The Liddell family

Professor & Mrs Edward G.T. Liddell moved into the Hermitage at 69 Old High Street in 1924, and remained there for the rest of their lives: Mrs Liddell was still there in the 1980s. They probably took this picture of the house in the mid-1920s.

The Hermitage

The Hermitage

Back garden of the Hermitage
The back garden in the 1930s

Vegetable garden

The back garden of the Hermitage during the Second World War,
when it was dug up to grow vegetables. The Liddell family also kept hens

John Liddell

John Liddell by the back door of the Hermitage in 1928

Professor & Mrs Liddell

Professor & Mrs Liddell in 1975, on the occasion of
Mrs Liddell’s 80th birthday, at their daughter’s house in Surrey

Hermitage in the snow

The Hermitage in the snow

Liddells with their car

The Liddell family outside the front gate in Old High Street in the 1930s, with their Humber car

John Liddell in his sandpit

John Liddell in his sandpit at the front of the Hermitage in 1929

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