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Matthison paintings of Oxfordshire

The pictures below were not issued as postcards and are in private collections.


Matthison painted White Lodge, the original home of Headington School, and the husband of the first headmistress Mrs McGregor-Morris gave the painting to the school when she died: it hangs in the school's Lea Library.


Matthison lived in Banbury (first at Broughton Road and then in Neithrop) between 1883 and 1902. The painting below (measuring 10 × 5”) was purchased in Banbury, possibly around 1900, by Charles Picken, an agricultural merchant who regularly visited on business during market days, and still belongs to his family.  St Mary’s Church is visible just inside the picture to the left.




It is believed that the two paintings below, of Finmere and its vicarage, were commissioned directly from Matthison by Miss Emma Ashwell of Finmere. Miss Ashwell was herself an accomplished watercolour artist and a member of the Ashwell family, whose members were the clergy at the church in Finmere for two generations.

Finmere village

Finmere vicarage

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