Strays from Headington: Marriages

Listed below are some Headington people who were married in churches outside Headington. This list is very incomplete: please email the Webmaster if you have anyone to add.

Note: It was the normal practice for a man to get married in the parish of origin of his wife, so Headington men are only listed below if they were married in a church that was neither in Headington nor in their wife’s parish.

Cowley St James

1794 Oct 13, John HEBOURN (X), of Headington / Elizabeth SNOW (X) “of the same parish” / Witnesses: L. QUARTERMAIN (parish clerk) R. BYNG [Banns]

1825 Jun 13, Thomas HEBBORN (X), of Headington /Mary BAKER (X), o.t.p. / Witnesses: William GODFREY, Sarah PEAKE, Susan (X) BAKER [Banns]

1837 Feb 20, Robert HINE, of Headington / Mary Anne YOUNG (X), o.t.p. / Witnesses: James SHEPHERD, Mary Ann READ [Banns]

1846 Jun 15, Henry SILVESTER (X), f.a., bach., lab. o.t.p. son of James, lab. / Hannah GIFFINS (X), f.a., spin., servant. Headington, dau.of James, lab. / Witnesses: Robert HINE (X), Mary HINE [Banns]

1849 Feb 18, John BUCKINGHAM (X), f.a., bach., lab. o.t.p. [no father’s name given] / Prudence RODBURN (X), f.a., spin., servant, Headington, dau.James, lab. [Banns]

1857 Sep 7, George WEBB (X), 24, bach., lab. Headington Quarry, son of James, lab. / Emma THORNTON, 20, spin., o.t.p. dau.William, lab. / Witnesses: Elizabeth THORNTON, Maria CROSS [Banns]

Cowley St Mary & St John

1899 Apr 18, Frederick Henry Robert GRANT, 28, bach.asylum attendant at Warneford Asylum, of Headington Quarry, son of Henry, bricklayer / Sophia Charlotte GAMMON, 31, sp. 80 St Mary’s Road, dau of Moses (deceased) brewer’s pensioner [Banns] / Witnesses: William GAMMON, Christian COOMBES, George MATTHEWS, Louisa Ellen BIRD [Cowley ss.Mary & John]

1900 Aug 11, Ernest John CROTON, 30, bach. attendant at Warneford Asylum, of Headington Quarry, son of Alfred.lab. / Louisa Ellen BIRD, 32, sp. of Cowley St John, dau of Robert Edward (deceased) soldier [Banns] / Witnesses: William BIRD, Amy BIRD [Cowley ss.Mary & John]

1902 Mar 31, Charles Henry CORBY, 28, bach. wheelwright, of Headington Quarry, son of Thomas (deceased) wheelwright / Clara DERINGTON, 34, sp. of 3, Iffley Road, dau.of Edwin, gas smith[?] [Banns] / Witnesses: Charles HOUNSLOW, Edward William CORBY [Cowley ss.Mary & John]

Oxford, St John’s Church (= Merton College Chapel)

1671 Apr 27: Giles SOUTHAM of S. Aldates par. bachelor / Elizabeth KNIGHT of Hedyngton com. Oxon. maid

1672 Jun 6: Richard COLLINS of Hedyngton com. Oxon. bachelor / Alice BARNES of the same maid

1685 Jul 12: John SMITH bachelor / Mary GORDEN maid / both of the par. of Hedington neare Oxon. / In C.C.C. chap. by Rich Tayler M.A. fellow of yt house

1688 Apr 16: John CLEARE caelebs  / Maria BIGNELL vidua, both of the par. of Hedington / In C.C.C. chap. by Rob. Ashbourne, chaplain

1699 May 28: Ralph SHERMAN of the par. of Vinges / Jane WOODBRIDGE of Heddington in Oxon

1699 Jun 26: Jeremiah HANKS of Islip / Anne WILMOT of Hedington

1699 Oct 5: John KEATE of Heddington / Mary Eaton of Marston in Oxon.

1700 Mar 31: William CASTLE / Elizabeth COMBS  / both of Hedington in Oxon.

1700 May 19: John HILLARD  / Judith WOODBRIDGE of Heddington, Oxon

1700 Jun 2: John FELLOW of Heddington / Mary WYATT of Appletot in Berks

1700/1 Feb 12: John PAINTER of St. Giles’s par. in Oxon. / Margaret Richardson of Hedington in Oxon.

1703 Oct 3: Robert WILLIAM of Chipping-Wickham in Bucks / Elizabeth DARVILL of Heddington in Oxon.

1704 Nov 9: Henry MICHELL / Mary RICHARDSON both of Heddington marr. by Mr. Heyman

1708 Feb 21: Jacob TRAFFORD of Hedington in Oxon / Elizabeth POLLISON of Witney

1736 Sep 18: Robert JOHNSON of Headington bachelor / Ann LEWINGTON of St Mary Magdalen Oxon. a spinster  / By licence by Mr Knight

1744 Dec 8: William EARLY of St. Peter’s in ye East Oxon / Diana SELLAR of Headington / marr. by licence

1745 Jun 3: William SNOW of Headington / Christian POTTER of Wolvercott / By licence

1749 Nov 12: John LAMBOURNE of Hedington / Hannah RAWLINS of Heddington / By licence

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