Headington News: Sunday 25 February, 2018

“Access to Headington”

Work on the third phase of the £12.5m “Access to Headington” project was due to start in Headley Way on 22 January (finishing in October), but the start has now been delayed:

The work at Headley Way has now been postponed twice: it was originally due to start on 24 July 2017 but was postponed because of urgent sewer work in St Clement's:

The second phase of the project started in the Slade in March 2017 and is due to be completed in February 2018:

The first phase of this project at Old Road began on 17 October 2016 and is complete.


On 9 June 2016 David Nimmo-Smith, the County Council Cabinet Member for Environment (including Transport), approved the £12.5m “Access to Headington” revised plans:

New plans just for Headley Way and Windmill Road were released by the county council on 28 April 2016, and this extra consultation closed on 23 May 2016:

The county council's designs were sent out to the 4,500 homes most directly affected, and are also available here online:

The formal consultation on the Traffic Consultation Orders (TROs) closed on 25 March 2016.

All the proposed road humps at side road entries had a consultation of their own, which closed on 8 April 2016:

Christ Church development near Barton Park?

Christ Church owns Green Belt land to the west of Barton Park, and on 5 February 2018 the Pegasus Group submitted a scoping opinion request on the college's behalf to South Oxfordshire District Council for the construction of up to 750 residential dwellings, local centre, and associated infrastructure on that land:

This possible Christ Church development is connected to another development at proposed at Wick Farm,

Development at Wick Farm?

Harry Aubrey-Fletcher and his family (Wick Farming Ltd, who in 2012 bought the 280-acre Wick Farm site off Bayswater Road) have announced their intention to built 1,850 homes there:

Wick Farm Ltd and would-be house-builder Berkeley Homes also want to build there a 250-bedroom accommodation block for the new Oxford School of Nursing and Midwifery being launched this year, and a 100-bed convalescent home for older patients to ease bed-blocking at the hospitals. There could also be a car park for the hospitals with a shuttle bus.

Plans could also include a 20-acre parkland cemetery next to the Crematorium.

Unlike the site of Barton Park, this land is (1) in the Green Belt and (2) falls under South Oxfordshire District Council. No formal approach has yet been made to SODC, and it is not included in their Local Plan.

In May 2017 South Oxfordshire District Council agreed that prior approval was not required for Aubrey-Fletcher's planning application for "Change of use of agricultural buildings to storage of moveable storage containers": P17/S1055/PDA


The Bioescalator building on the Old Road Campus is due to open in the summer of 2018, and is looking for new bioscience businesses to move to the site:

Novo Nordisk has already announced that it will invest £115m over ten years in a new science research centre to be based in the new building:

Planning permission for the building was granted by the East Area Planning Committee on 3 June 2015. This was for

  • 15/00996/RES: “Erection of Bioescalator/Amenities Building, together with landscaping and ancillary works. (Part reserved matters of outline planning permission 12/02072/OUT relating to Plot B4, seeking approval of appearance, landscaping, scale and layout.)”.
Shop & Business changes in 2018

Innovation Group
This office at 9A Windmill Road (formerly bikes + Black Mamba Tattoos) opened in February 2018.

Daisy Chain Party Ware
This shop at 9 Windmill Road closed in February 2018

Heritage Assets in Headington

Oxford City Council is compiling a register of heritage assets of local value, and is now consulting on the waiting list of nominations, which for the first time includes nominations from Headington, namely:

  • All Saints Church, Lime Walk
  • All Saints Vicarage, 85 Old Road
  • Brasenose Farmhouse, Eastern bypass (technically OX4, but has always been part of Headington)
  • Hillsboro, No. 14 Holyoake Road  
  • Cuckoo Lane
  • 6 Perrin Street (New Headington Infant School) and 18 Windsor Street (schoolmistress's house)
  • St Francis of Assisi Church, Hollow Way
  • Warneford Meadow
  • Scout hut (former chapel), Perrin Street


Some planning applications awaiting decision
Bullingdon Community Centre

“Part demolition of existing community centre. Erection of part single part double height front and side extension”:

Ampleforth Arms

“Part demolition of the existing public house. Part redevelopment and conversion to create a new community run public house at basement and ground floor level. Creation of 1 x 1-bed, 3 x 2-bed and 2 x 3 bed apartments (Use Class C3) and erection of 1 x 3-bed dwellinghouse (Use Class C3). Provision of private amenity space, landscaping and car parking”

Ruskin College

Ruskin College submitted two planning applications in September 2017:

(1) Main Headington site: “(i) Erection of 65 bed student accommodation building on four storeys. (ii) Erection of 30 bed student accommodation building on two and three storeys. Demolition of Bowen Building”:

(2) Stoke House on the other side of Stoke Place: “Erection of 12 study bedroom annex on two floors”:

C.S. Lewis Nature Reserve

A "Save the C. S. Lewis Nature Reserve” petition to Oxford City Council has over 4,000 signatures. It relates to a planning application by the Wychwood Foundation for housing adjacent to 4 Wychwood Lane for vulnerable adults:

“Erection of 2.5 storey building to provide 9 apartments (4x3 beds, 3x2 beds and 2x1 beds) on behalf of the Wychwood Foundation. Provision of ancillary facilities, 22 car parking spaces, cycle parking and amenity space. Creation of new vehicular access from Lewis Close”

This access road runs very near the reserve. Over 200 people have objected to the application.

Land behind north side of shopping centre

Behind Headington Dry Cleaners & Alterations, 99 London Road

“Erection of two storey building to create 2 x 2-bed dwellinghouses (Use Class C3), provision of private amenity space and bin and cycle store”

Offices at 295–301 London Road

“Demolition of existing store to the rear. Conversion of existing offices into two shops”

52 new homes at Bayswater Fields

Cala Homes are now marketing the first new homes off Waynflete Road and Bayswater Farm Road on the site of the former Bayswater Caravan Park at prices ranging from £300,950 to £715,950.

The land comes under South Oxfordshire District Council, but Oxford City Council was also involved because the plans included the demolition of 39 and 41 Waynflete Road to provide access. Hence both councils approved this planning application submitted in 2014 by Cala Homes (Chiltern) Ltd:

“Demolition of existing pair of semi-detached houses (39 and 41 Waynflete Road). Erection of 52 houses and flats (including 40% of net increase as affordable homes) in single-storey buildings, two-storey buildings, and two-storey buildings with rooms in roofs (47 dwellings proposed off Waynflete Road and 5 detached dwellings off Bayswater Farm Road). Construction of roads and footpaths including new accesses off Waynflete Road and Bayswater Farm Road. Provision of open space, parking, garages and landscaping. NB Demolition of existing houses, estate road and only part of new build in Oxford City District”.

The plans were approved by South Oxfordshire District Council in August 2016, and the East Area Planning Committee of Oxford City Council agreed to the access from Waynflete Road the following month:

The preliminary construction management plan was approved in December 2016:

New 885-room student village for Brookes

Planning permission was granted by the East Area Planning Committee in December 2017 for the following application by Unite Students for the BT site (formerly Cowley Barracks) at James Wolfe Road off Hollow Way:
“Demolition of existing buildings. Erection of new student accommodation comprising of 885 student rooms (of which 46 would be fully accessible), communal areas and amenity provision, associated cafe and shop, laundrettes, plant room and electricity substation, new vehicular and pedestrian access to James Wolfe Road and closure of existing, cycle parking, landscaping and new enclosures. Use of student accommodation outside term time by cultural and academic visitors and by conference and summer school delegates”.

Unite Students have announced a 25-year partnership with Brookes University for the use of this block. This will be the third Brookes student block run by them (the others being Beech House and Dorset House on the London Road). The new village could be ready to admit Brookes students as early as 2019:

Possible power plant at Warneford Hospital

The possibility of building a power plant at the Warneford Hospital to provide heat for Oxford Brookes University, Headington School, and Cheney School (and ultimately for other parts of Oxford) has been mapped out by energy experts.

The city council is now tendering for a detailed project development study. The proposed plant would be within the footprint of the Warneford Hospital, and not (as suggested by the Oxford Mail) in Warneford Meadow.

Frontier Estates

Frontier Estates completed Beech House on the corner of Latimer Road just in time for the start of the 2017/18 Brookes academic year.

They have also made approaches to house owners in other parts of Headington, as this discussion on the Headington & Marston Neighbourhood Forum reveals:

Care Home, Pullen's Lane

Frontier Estates held a public exhibition on 27 July 2016 at St Anthony of Padua Church Hall of new plans for a 55-bed care home on the site of the present bungalow at 1 Pullen's Lane. They will be submitting updated plans to the city council's design review board:

They made two earlier applications for the home:

(1) The first application was for “Demolition of existing house and flat. Erection of 55-bedroom care home facility on three levels, together with 17 car parking spaces, landscaping and associated works”. This was rejected in August 2014:

(2) The second application was for for “Demolition of the existing buildings and erection of a new 55 bedroom care home with associated landscaping, hardstanding and infrastructure”. This was withdrawn in May 2016.

More Headington heat pipes?

A joint study commissioned by Oxford City Council and the University of Oxford published on 11 May 2017 puts forward three additional heat-network options for Headington:

(1) Old Road Campus & Warneford Hospital scheme (1.6km)
This would connect a new energy centre at the Warneford to adjacent buildings and the Old Road Campus

(2) Clive Booth Student Village scheme (0.7km)

(3) Headington West scheme (2.8km)
This would join large loads around Oxford Brookes University and Headington School with an energy centre at the Warneford Hospital.

New research building at JR Hospital

The University of Oxford has been granted planning permission to build a new neuroscience research facility at the John Radcliffe Hospital.

The new building is intended to provide purpose-built facilities for the Centre for the Prevention of Stroke and Dementia (CPSD), as well as providing additional research and desk space for the Oxford Centre for Functional MRI of the Brain (FMRIB). Both of these organisations are component units of the Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences (part of the University’s Medical Sciences Division). When the development is complete, it will create the UK’s largest dedicated centre for stroke research.

Members of the University and the design team held two consultation events at Osler House on 28 and 29 April 2017 and construction is due to begin in 2018.

“Botnar 3” plans approved

The plans submitted by Nuffield Orthopaedic Limited for a new development at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre were approved by the East Area Planning Committee in January 2017. They are for “Demolition of temporary office building. Erection of freestanding two-storey research building (Botnar 3) with glazed footbridge link to existing Botnar Research Centre building. Provision of 4 disabled car parking spaces and covered cycle store for 200 bicycles”.

This building will be situated to the south of the present Botnar Research Centre (on the other side of the access road) and connected to it by a bridge. Two related plans have also been approved

  • Erection of new electrical substation: 16/02686/FUL
  • Formation of replacement car park for eight vehicles for a temporary period: 16/02688/FUL
Barton Park

Mosaics Oxford is now marketing the first homes built on Barton Park.

For full details about this development please see the separate page:

29 Old High Street

29 Old High Street

An “application to certify that the proposed sub division of existing house to form 2x 2-bed flats (Use Class C3) and erection of 3no. dwellings to create a 2x 2-bed flat and 1x 1-bed flat (Use Class C3) is lawful development” was refused on 28 November 2017: 17/02576/CPU

An earlier planning application submitted by Martin Young in June 2017 was refused on 24 August: 17/01686/FUL

Full saga of 29 Old High Street

Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House Charities have been granted planning permission for a new four-storey building on the disused tennis courts (0.4 hectares) at the John Radcliffe Hospital. The site is bounded to the north by Hospital Car Park 2a, to the east and south by Woodlands Road, and to the west by the rear gardens of Sandfield Road.

At present the charity can only offer 17 rooms on the top floor of the children's hospital and cannot meet the demand. The approved application is for “Ronald McDonald House to provide 62 bedrooms including communal areas, admin facilities, plant and store rooms along with associated landscaping and drop off area”.

Holy Trinity Church extension

On 7 September 2016 the East Area Planning Committee approved the planning application by Holy Trinity Church in Headington Quarry for “Erection of single-storey extension to north elevation”:

The church withdrew an earlier planning application submitted in February 2015 so that pre-application discussions could be held with the planning officer.

Old Road Campus/Churchill & Park Hospitals
Link Street

A planning application has been approved to form a Link Street around the campus:

Sobell House

The Sobell House Charity plans to build a new specialist facility at the Churchill Hospital aimed at patients with more complex illnesses such as dementia. It will overlook Southfield Golf Course and cost £5m.

New Heart Centre

A new £45m heart centre, jointly run by the University of Oxford and the British Heart Foundation, is planned for 2018.

Car Park

There will be a 459-space multi-storey carpark (replacing the current 260 spaces, so the net increase is 199 spaces) built on the Old Road Campus.

Two applications for a temporary 100-space car park while work is going ahead were approved:

  • 14/01494/FUL: “Demolition of various vacant prefabricated building. Retention of one prefabricated building plus the construction of 3 storey research building, catering building, 100 space car park and ancillary work for temporary period during construction of proposed Big Data Institute (BDI) Building on adjacent land”
  • 15/00996/RES: “Construction of 100 space temporary car park, together with ancillary works and new vehicular access from Roosevelt Drive during construction of Bioescalator/Amenities Building on adjacent land”
Precision Cancer Medicine Institute

Universities, Science, and Cities Minister Greg Clark visited the Old Road campus on 23 October 2014 and announced that a new £110m cancer centre, the Precision Cancer Medicine Institute is planned to open in 2017 or 2018 on the Churchill Hospital site or the Old Road campus. It will have 200 workers and will study drug, surgery, and radiation therapy in cancer patients.




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Three vacant shops in Headington centre
Daisy Chain Party Ware

9 Windmill Road

Closed in February 2018.

Former Angels Hair

111 London Road

Vacant since May 2017.

Former Post Office

142 London Road

The Post Office moved to the Co-op in February 2016, and the shop that has been operating from the building closed permanently on 23 December 2017.

New businesses due to open
Grill House (Turkish-themed)

137a London Road (next to Bury Knowle Park)

Planning approval was granted in May 2017 to turn this former office into a hot-food takeaway (17/00639/FUL). Refurbishment started in 2017, with a sign in the window stating that this grill house would be opening shortly.

Following the approval in November 2017 of a second planning application for a single-storey rear extension (17/02505/FUL), work now seems to be concentrated on the back of the building.

This shop was tacked on to the end of the row of former Victorian houses called Westbourne Terrace in the 1960s (61/11381/A_H). It was latterly the office of Connell's estate agents, and was vacated in May 2016 when they moved to larger premises nearby at 129–133 London Road. The premises were offered for sale (offers in the region of £400,000); alternatively a new lease could be offered at a commencing rental of £27,500 per annum. There was a restriction on not using the premises for estate agency, lettings, or financial services.


Offices to let in Headington centre
Offices above Caffe Nero

These offices at Victory House, 116-120 London Road, are spread over two floors. They currently have D1 ("non-residential institution") usage and are occupied by Abacus College and the Oxford Language Centre. Since August 2017 these D1 premises have been advertised to let by Chancellor's at £75,000 per year:

Offices above Lloyds Bank

The first-floor offices above Lloyds Bank at Charterford House, 87 London Road have been empty since 2015. They were originally advertised to rent at £18,500 per annum, but this was reduced to £12,500 (although brochure states £12,000):.

The second floor of these offices is currently occupied by Nigel Grice & Associates

First World War 100-year remembrances: 2018

35 Headington men and one woman died in 1918. They will be added here gradually as 2018 progresses

January and February 1918

No deaths

March 1918

Poppy Private Albert Kislingbury (24) of the OBLI, brickyard labourer who lived at 97 Old Road, killed in France on 21 March 1918 and buried at the Chapelle British Cemetery

Poppy William Neville (22) of the Royal Berkshire Regiment, gardener who lived at 13 Bateman Street, died of wounds in France on 21 March 2018 and remembered on the Pozières Memorial

Poppy Private Jack Gardner (30) of the Worcestershire Regiment, waggoner who lived at 62 New High Street, killed in action in France on 22 March 1918 and buried in the Beaumetz Cross Roads Cemetery

Poppy Private George Trafford (20) of the Royal Berkshire Regiment, who lived at Shotover Hill Place, died of wounds in France on 23 March 1918 and buried at the Beaulencourt British Cemetery

Poppy Major Hugh Davenport (32) of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment, solicitor and deputy clerk to the county council who lived at Davenport House, killed in France on 24 March 1918 and buried at the Ham British Cemetery

Poppy Rifleman Arthur Westell (27) of the King's Royal Rifle Corps, gardener who lived at 3 Gardiner Street, died in France on 27 March 1918 and buried at Rouy-Le-Petit churchyard

Poppy Lance Corporal Thomas Cooper (22) of the OBLI, bricklayer's labourer who lived at Shotover Hill Place, killed in action in France on 31 March 1918 and remembered on the Pozières Memorial

Poppy Private Thomas Parker (22) of the Worcestershire Regiment, plumber's apprentice, killed in action in France on 31 March 1918 and remembered on the Pozières Memorial

New office building for All Saints Road

Planning permission was granted on 17 July 2017 for a two-storey office building between 7 and 9 All Saints Road (at the rear of 73 Lime Walk):

An earlier application for an office building here was approved in September 2015 (15/02281/FUL), but an application to remove conditions from the plans was refused in May 2017 (17/00435/VAR).

Offices/studio becoming flats


Nielsen's, which has been on its present site on the London Road near the Thornhill Park & ride for 60 years, sold their 12-acre site to developers in 2016 and will be moving to the Oxford Business Park by early 2018.

Since May 2014 the conversion of B1(a) commercial property to C3 homes can be granted immediately under permitted development rights as long as specified aspects (such as transport and highway impacts, and contamination and flooding risks) are checked first. In December 2017 an application submitted by Shaviram Headington Limited for “Change of use of Nielsen House and annex from office (Use Class B1(a)) to residential (Use Class C3) to provide 114 x 1-bed flats and 20 x 2-bed flats” was approved:

In December 2016 prior approval was granted to Headington Developments Ltd for “Change of use of Nielsen House and annex from office (Use Class B1(a)) to residential (Use Class C3) to provide 30 x 1-bed flats and 63 x 2-bed flats”.

An earlier application was rejected because the developer provided insufficient information relating to flooding and contamination risks:

New applications for flats approved in 2017
Kingsway House

An application by London & Cambridge Properties relating to the offices above Kingsway House, 77a–81C London Road for “Change of use of from office at first floor level (Use Class B1(a)) to residential (Use Class C3) to provide 2 x 2-bed flats” was approved in March 2017. These offices are above Coco Noir, The Garden, and the Cancer Research UK charity shop and are at present occupied by Ferguson Bricknell Solicitors.

Dance Inspires studio

A planning application has been approved to turn Headington's former pole-dance school above 112 London Road into a one bedroomed flat. (The rest of the premises above Savers was granted permission to be turned into two flats in 2016.)

Seven earlier applications

Three other conversions have already taken place in Headington under this new relaxation of planning permission, including Kennett House.

In addition approval was granted in 2016 for four more smaller offices in the Headington shopping centre to be turned into flats:

Repatriation tributes in Headley Way

The John Radcliffe Hospital houses the Armed Forces Department of Pathology, and when members of the forces are killed their bodies are taken there. The funeral cortège passes through Marsh Lane and Headington on their way to the hospital. From March 2008 to May 2014 the Royal British Legion, joined by members of the public, held 153 repatriation tributes for 321 members of the services outside St Anthony of Padua Church in Headley Way, but thankfully such repatriations are at present rare.

There was a campaign for a memorial to be put on the roundabout at the Final Turn to the John Radcliffe Hospital.

Sign up on the official Oxfordshire County Council website to be notified of any future repatriation dates and times:

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Phone masts in Headington

Headington has numerous mobile phone masts, and the link below shows where they are.

HMO legislation

Since 24 February 2012, Oxford City Council regulations have required that a house with just three or four unrelated occupants is licensed as a House in Multiple Occupation.

This is in addition to the prerequisite that such a house must have C4 planning permission, which is unlikely to be granted in future in those side-streets already saturated with student housing.

HMO licences for these smaller houses are awarded subject to modifications being made within six months (e.g. a cooker now has to have a work-surface on each side; there must be a wired in smoke-detector on each floor and a heat detector in the kitchen; the kitchen area must be fitted with a fire door; and where the front door can be double-locked, a box with key and hammer has to be attached to the wall).

Bike repairs

Bob Williams, formerly of Headington’s G. H. Williams, is still doing bike repairs from home in central Headington: tel. 01865 762664 or mobile 07962 896 663. He has fifty years’ experience of repairing bikes and is strongly recommended.

Headington city council ward

City councillors Ruth Wilkinson and Altaf Khan have a website with news relating to the central Headington ward. As their ward includes most of the central shopping area, it will also be of interest to people in other parts of Headington.

Headington Action revised grant schemes

Headington Action can provide small grants for projects that will benefit the local community.  There are two types of grant: Small Sparks Grants offer start-up funding, typically to enable new projects to ‘get off the ground’, while Community Support Grants provide for other community activities.  Normal limits are £250 for Small Sparks and £500 for Community Support Grants. 

Application forms and further details are available here on the Headington Action website.

Park & Ride for John Radcliffe Hospital?

The county council has said that green-belt land close to Marsh Lane and the northern bypass is being considered for a park-and-ride site for the JR Hospital.

Letting out driveways for parking

In July 2015 JustPark wrote to nearly every household in Headington suggesting that they could earn £1500 a year renting out their driveway. A search for "Headington, Oxford, United Kingdom" on their website reveals that over 100 people in the area were already doing this with them:

Prices range from £3.80 per day for Spring Lane and Bayswater Road to £21.30 per day for Old Road.

Similar companies are also operating in the area: ParkLet and Your Parking Space and Park on My Drive.

Property in Headington owned offshore

Private Eye has put online an interactive map showing all English and Welsh property acquired by overseas companies since 2005.

If you search for Headington, you will see that some large properties in the centre of Headington such as Kennett House and Dorset House are owned abroad, as well as some smaller ones such as those occupied by the NatWest Bank, Starbucks, and Boots. There are also individual houses (including houses in multiple occupation) owned in the British Virgin islands.

Latest editions of community newspapers

The city council's six regeneration areas have a community newspaper, and three of these areas are in the Headington district. See the latest editions here: