Half Marathon 2011

The Oxford Half Marathon (13.1 miles) passed through Headington on Sunday 25 September 2011. About 2,000 runners took part.

  • Men’s winner: James Bellward (1 hr 11 mins 3 secs)
  • Women’s winner: Liz Yelling (1 hr 14 mins 40 secs)

Coming off bypass Runners coming off the bypass into Beaumont Road, Headington Quarry

Chequers Helen & Douglas House (left) providing runners with jelly babies near the Chequers

Car The marathon car arrives in Quarry Hollow, with the leading runner top right, behind the bicycle

First man The first runner arrives in Quarry Hollow, way ahead of the field

First woman Liz Yelling (who won the women’s section) is the first woman to arrive in Quarry Hollow

Quarry Road Running southwards down Quarry Road

Crossing Windmill Road Old Road, passing the junction with the Windmill Road and the Slade

First woman Liz Yelling again, this time near Windmill Road crossroads (picture courtesy of Roger Grosvenor)

Old Road Along Old Road, on the way to Morrell Avenue and Oxford

Mark Lygo
Mark Lygo, the only Headington councillor in the race,
who finished in 1 hour 50 minutes

© Stephanie Jenkins


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