Crossing without a subway

Most able-bodied people are quite happy to cross the London Road. But disabled people have expressed their fears ever since the plan to fill in the subway was first mooted. The pictures below, taken on 25 May 2010, show that their fears may be well-founded.

Many of the buses drive on to the crossing and then get stuck, forcing people (including those on mobility scooters) to snake around them when the green man shows.

The current crossing is a temporary one: it is hoped the permanent one may be safer.

The green man is showing, so it should be safe to cross …

… but everyone has to snake around a bus that is stuck on the crossing,
and wait for the pedestrians snaking around from the opposite direction

The green man has disappeared and the traffic is starting to move

Crossing on a scooter takes time, which is why disabled people preferred the subway

© Stephanie Jenkins


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