Travelling to Headington by car

Traffic wardens in Old High Street Sat 11 February 2005

A 20mph speed limit came into force in the Headington shopping centre
and all minor residential roads in Headington and Marston on 1 September 2009

Parking in Headington

If you are driving into central Headington, you will find very little on-street parking, and the traffic wardens are very vigilant. Because of the demand for parking created by Oxford Brookes University and the numerous hospitals, more and more controlled parking zones (CPZs) are being introduced, so do read the signs. If you are visiting friends in a CPZ, they should be able to supply you with a visitor’s permit, but otherwise you will have to use a public carpark.

You cannot park in the centre of Headington where the signs say HE (roughly the zone bounded by Old Road to the south, Osler Road and Lime Walk to the west, Bury Knowle Park to the east, and Old Headington to the north). But as the parking problems have spread outwards, there are now CPZs to the east and west of the centre as well, and you will see signs like these, often back to back with each other. In some parts of these controlled zones, parking by non-permit-holders is only limited to certain hours, which will be shown on the sign.

Zone HE

Zone HA/HN



Outside the Shell petrol station on the London Road

Left: Looking east towards Zone HE

Right: Looking west towards Zones HA and HB

Zone HE

Zone HN



Outside Bury Knowle Park on the London Road:

Left: Looking west towards Zone HE

Right: Looking east towards Zone HN

As parking has been pushed out of central Headington, so the CPZs have had to be extended to the “Lakes” area (LK), Northway (NW), and Marston South (MS). Consultation is now taking place on the possibility of extending the CPZs to North Marston, Lye Valley, and Wood Farm.

Public car parks

There are two public car parks run by Oxford City Council in central Headington:

Pay & Display is in operation at these two car-parks from Monday to Saturday.

Anyone who lives in the HE parking zone can park free of charge in St Leonard’s car-park, but visitors have to pay.

Electric cars

These can be recharged for free in Headington car park, as well as Thornhill Park and Ride and Brookes Headington Hill Campus.

Park & Ride

Note that it is possible to park at the Thornhill Park & Ride to the east of Oxford and take the bus into central Headington or on to Oxford Brookes University. But it fills up very quickly in the morning: check here for availability of spaces

Some local taxis
  • 001 Taxis, 108 St Aldates, 01865 240000 or 241641
  • ABC Taxis, 70a Hollow Way, Cowley, Oxford, 01865 770077 or 775577 (24 hour service, including long-distance and airport)
  • Airport Cabs, 36 Wick Farm, Headington, 01865 750022, mobile 07739 277456 (arrive in style in an X-type Jaguar)
  • Radio Taxis, 74–77 Magdalen Road, Oxford, 01865 242424 (24 hours)
  • Royal Cars, 01865 777333/778866 (24 hours)

Rent a private parking space on someone's drive
Oxfordshire County Council car-share scheme

Headington Car Club (“Co-wheels”, formerly “Commonwheels”)

There are three cars, based at Binswood Avenue, Kennett Road, and St Leonard's Car Park

Oxfordshire Car Share

Residents’ parking

The county council agreed to start charging residents for parking permits in Controlled Parking Zones when permits came up for renewal in 2007/8. Costs per household are now as follows:

The first two residents’ permits each cost £40 a year,
the third £80 and the fourth or more £120 each

The first 25 visitors’ permits are free,
with extra ones costing 60p each (except for people over 70)

The Parking & Payments shop in Speedwell Street closes down on 31 May 2016.

The contract for monitoring car parking in Oxford’s Residents’ Parking Zones has been transferred from APCOA to NCP: tel. 0845 337 1138

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