Travelling between Cambridge and Headington

By Bus

There is a Stagecoach Express X5 half-hourly service between Oxford and Cambridge. It goes via Bicester, Buckingham, Milton Keynes, Bedford, and St Neots, and takes 3½ hours.

The Cambridge service no longer goes through Headington, and it has to be picked up at the railway station or Gloucester Green in Oxford.

By Train

Travelling from Headington to Cambridge by train can take as long as the bus because there are four stages:

  • Bus from Headington to Oxford railway station
  • Train from Oxford to Paddington
  • Underground from Paddington to King’s Cross
  • Train from King’s Cross to Cambridge

By Air

The 22-minute SkyCommuter air service between Oxford (Kidllington Airport) and Cambridge that started on 1 February 2006 was cancelled because of lack of support.


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