First World War in Headington and Marston, Oxford

Marguerite Gertrude WOODCOCK (1900–1918)

Marguerite Gertrude Woodcock (reg. as “Margurite”) was born in Oxford in 1900. She was the daughter of Henry Thomas Smalden Woodcock (born in Exmouth, Devon in 1863) and Emily Mary Hammond (born in Lamberhurst, Kent in 1866).

Her parents were married in the Saffron Walden district near the end of 1892 and had eight children:

  • Henry George Woodcock (born in London in 1897, reg. Paddington district third quarter)
  • Douglas Avard Woodcock (born in Kensington, London in 1898, reg. fourth quarter)
  • Marguerite Gertrude Woodcock (born at St John’s Street Mews, Oxford in 1900 and baptised at St Mary Magdalen Church on 8 February)
  • Ethel Gladys Woodcock (born at St John’s Street Mews, Oxford on 13 March 1903 and baptised at St Mary Magdalen Church on 19 April)
  • Herbert John Woodcock (born in Manor Cottage, Old Headington on 6 February 1906 and baptised at St Andrew’s Church on 6 May)
  • Dorothy Phyllis Woodcock (born in Manor Cottage, Old Headington on 6 September 1907 and baptised at St Andrew’s Church on 5 January 1908)
  • Walter Woodcock (born in Headington in early 1911)
  • Beatrice Annie Woodcock (born in Headington in 1916 and baptised at All Saints’ Church on 23 July)
  • A stillborn and unnamed baby of “Mr & Mrs H. Woodcock” of Windsor Street buried in Headington Cemetery on 1 March 1919.

Marguerite’s parents evidently began their married life in London, first in Paddington and then in Kensington

By the time of Marguerite's birth in early 1900, they had moved to Oxford.

At the time of the 1901 census Marguerite (1) was living at Alfred Place & Mews off St John Street, Oxford with her father Henry (27), who was a domestic coachman, her mother Emily 24), and her brothers Henry (3) and Douglas (2). Also living with them was Marguerite’s maternal uncle, Walter G. W. Hammond, and a lodger, who were both grooms.

The family moved up to Headington in about 1905, and until 1911 the family lived in Manor Cottage in Osler Road, Old Headington: Marguerite’s father was still a coachman, and probably worked for Colonel James Hoole, who lived at the Manor House.

At the time of the 1911 census Marguerite (11) was living at Manor Cottage with her father Henry (37), described as a coachman, her mother Emily (34) and her siblings Henry (13), Douglas (12), Ethel (8), Herbert (5), Dorothy (3), and Walter (two months).

Later in 1911 the family moved to 7 Windsor Street in All Saints’ parish.

Marguerite Woodcock’s grave



Poppy In the First World War Marguerite Gertrude Woodcock served as a Member of the 44th Training Depot Station of the Women’s Royal Air Force (Service No. 19911). She died of pneumonia in the Headington registration district at the age of 18 on 6 November 1918 and was buried in Headington Cemetery two days later (9.4).

Even though she has a war grave, she is not remembered on the Roll of Honour of any Headington church.




Left: Photograph of Marguerite Woodcock’s grave in Headington Cemetery taken in 2009. The inscription reads:

[Emblem of the Royal Air Force with
“Per ardua ad astra” motto]

19911 MEMBER


All Saints' board

Marguerite’s parents
  • Thomas Woodcock died at 7 Windsor Street at the age of 68 and was buried at Headington Cemetery on 15 August 1942.
  • Mrs Emily Woodcock died at the London Road Hospital at the age of 68 and was buried with her husband on 20 October 1945.
Marguerite’s brothers
  • Henry George Woodcock (born 1897) married Daisy Callow in the Banbury district in the fourth quarter of 1933.
  • Douglas Avard Woodcock (born 1898) lived at 66 New High Street and then at 25 Barton Road, and was a sheet metal worker. He married Edith Doris Smith, and their daughter, Edna Doris Woodcock, was born on 28 August 1923 and baptised at All Saints’ Church on 11 November 1923. Their son, Flying Officer Chris Noel Woodcock,also has a war grave in Headington Cemetery, but his is from the Second World War: he was an RAF pilot who died at the age of 22 on 1 September 1944. Douglas Avard Woodcock died in 1962 and is buried near his son in Headington Cemetery.
  • Herbert John Woodcock (born 1906) married Dorothy Stella Grain of the Butcher’s Arms pub in the Headington district in the fourth quarter of 1930. (She had lost a brother in the First World War.) Their son David J. Woodcock was born in the Oxford registration district in 1933 (reg. fourth quarter) and their daughter Jennifer M. Woodcock in 1939/40 (reg. first quarter of 1940)
  • Walter Woodcock (born 1911) lived at 25 Barton Road with his brother Douglas and was a watchmaker.

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