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Headstone in churchyard (“George”)

Headstone of George
Photographed on 25 February 2006

Headstone (Grade II listed, List Entry No. 1047608), about five metres south-west of the Church of St Nicholas, Old Marston.

This limestone headstone dates from the early eighteenth century and commemorates someone whose first name was George.

English Heritage record the date on this tombstone as 1707, but no one called George appears in the parish register as having been buried that year. Perhaps the date in fact reads 1701, in which case this could be the tombstone of “Gorg Groves”, son of Richard Groves, who was buried in the churchyard on 8 March 1701. “Gorg” was baptised in the church on 6 August 1699, suggesting that he was under two years old at the time of his death.

© Stephanie Jenkins

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