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Chest tomb in churchyard (Oliver Eborn)

Chest tomb
Photographed on 18 February 2006

Chest tomb (Grade II listed, List Entry No. 1181933), about ten metres south-west of the Church of St Nicholas, Old Marston.

This tomb (shown above and below from two different angles) dates from the first half of the seventeenth century, and is made of limestone.

Chest tomb
Photographed on 18 February 2006

There is an inscription on one end (below), showing that a man called Oliver Eborn is buried here. The surviving parish registers only go back to 1653, too late for his burial to be recorded.

H E R E    L I E T H
T H E    B O D Y    O F
O L I V E R  ∩  E B-
O R N  ∩  [?O B:]    A N o
[rest buried beneath the ground]

Descendants of the Eborn family (who spell their name as “Hebborn”) now provide Oxfordshire with funfairs.

Inscription on side of tomb
Photographed on 25 February 2006

© Stephanie Jenkins

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