Headington history: The Manor of Heddington

17 November 1864

Manor of Heddington of Digby Latimer Esq

Out of Court

All before Sturman Latimer Gent, Steward

[Land on Shotover Hill]

[In the Minute Book is a Memo: The original minutes of the three following admissions were drawn upon a separate paper which is presented with the other papers re the Manor. They are copied into this book that the series of proceedings may not be interrupted. Henceforth the Minutes will be drawn in paper books of this form. Initialled by Sturman Latimer, August 1865]

Pursuant to the Statutory provisions in this behalf it is entered on the Court Roll as follows

On 27th February 1826 John COPPOCK was admitted Tenant to the reversion of the Copyhold estate after the decease of the Survivor of Mary COPPOCK and Hannah PIERCE

On 2nd October 1850 the said John COPPOCK by his Will of Headington Quarry in the Parish of Headington Brick merchant gave all his Copyhold estates of the Manor of Headington and all other property to his son John COPPOCK his brother-in-law Charles HARDING late of Headington and then of Remenham Bucks, Surveyor and his son-in-law Robert LODER of Marston Pork butcher and Thomas KNOWLES of Headington farmer

On 20th January 1855 the said John COPPOCK died. Hannah PIERCE survived Mary COPPOCK and has lately died

AND THEREUPON the said Trustees John COPPOCK Charles HARDING Robert LODER and Thomas KNOWLES come out of Court before Sturman Latimer Steward and prayed to be admitted Tenants to
One plot or allotment of land of 1 acre 22 perch upon Shotover Hill bounded on the South by a private carriage road on the West by the first allotment to William B on the North by the first allotment to Thomas SCHUTZ Esq for tithes and on the East by an allotment to William Henry WHORWOOD (and which upon division and enclosure etc. was by mistake awarded to John COPPOCK and George COPPOCK)

To WHOM the Lord granted SEIZIN thereof
Rent 1/- and a Heriot and the said John COPPOCK Charles HARDING Robert LODER and Thomas KNOWLES paid to the Lord 10/- for a fine and admitted. Their Fealty respited.
Signed Sturman Latimer, Steward

[Site of present Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre: Plot No 24 in Enclosure Award]

On 16th March 1847 John PATER and Susannah his wife admitted Tenants to copyhold estate hereinafter mentioned. The said John PATER survived his wife

On 13 September 1860 the said John PATER by his Will divinity clerk of the University of Oxford made no specific devise of his copyhold estates but gave all to Charles James SADLER Alderman of Oxford and William Francis PERKINS Bailiff of the University of Oxford upon Trusts

On 9 October 1860 the said John PATER died AND THEREUPON Charles James SADLER and William Francis PERKINS came out of Court before Sturman Latimer Steward and prayed to be admitted Tenants to

One plot of land No. 24 upon the Headington Inclosure award of two acres 3 roods 8 perches situate in Quarry Field in the Parish of Headington bounded on the North East by the road No. XV [small road off west side of Windmill Road, just north of Orthopaedic Centre] on the South East by the road No. III [Windmill Road] on the South West by Allotment 23 and on the North West by Allotment 22

TO WHOM the Lord granted SEIZIN

Rent 6d and 6d Heriot and Charles James SADLER and William Frances PERKINS were admitted Tenants 10/- fine and their featly respited


Came John SIMMONDS of Headington Silversmith and in consideration of £208 to him paid by Frederick LIPSCOMB of Pembroke Street, St Clements [now Rectory Road] Poulterer SURRENDERED

a messuage cottage or tenement with garden in the occupation of Thomas Gorton JONES afterwards of READ and now of the said John SIMMONDS to which John SIMMONDS was admitted on 1 September 1864


Rent 1/- Heriot 2/- Fine 10/- Admitted but his Featly respited

© Stephanie Jenkins

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