Headington history: The Manor of Heddington

10 April 1861

Manor of Heddington

Court Baron of Digby Latimer

Held on Wednesday 10 April 1861

Alfred Green Holmes, Gent [Steward], Richard Prince Howse, John North

[Plot of land on east side of Windmill Road]

At this Court the Homage presented the death of William BUCKINGHAM and Elizabeth his wife Customary Tenants William since 1 April 1854 and his wife since 17 July 1859 leaving Harriet Elizabeth the wife of Charles COOPER of the City Of Oxford Printer their daughter and only child surviving them.

The said Harriet COOPER present prayed to be admitted tenant to the hereditaments and premises whereof the said William BUCKINGHAM and Elizabeth stood seized:

All that plot of land No. 31 on plan annexed to Award on Enlosure of the Parish of Heddington containing 5 acres and 28 perches situate in Quarry Field. And which plot of land was upon the late inclosure of the parish of Heddington allotted and awarded to Richard PANCUTT as son and heir of Richard PANCUTT deceased in lieu of the copyhold half acre of meadow and one acre of furze ground and half acre of a common to which said Richard PANCUTT was admitted at a Court holden for this Manor on 3 May 1805

AND also one plot or allotment of land or ground containing 1rood and 2 perches which was awarded to the said Richard PANCUTT in lieu of and full satisfaction for his right of common and other share right and interest being copyhold under the said Manor of Heddington under the Act 69th of George ? for allotting lands in the parish or liberty of Shotover (to which William BUCKINGHAM admitted on 18 April 1833 upon the Surrender of Richard PANCUTT) to whom the Lord by his Steward … grants Seizin to hold the same unto the said Harriet COOKE her heirs….

Admitted tenant. Rent 1/3 Heriot 10/- fine and fealty respited

And immediately afterwards Harriet COOPER (1st privately) in open Court before the Homage in consideration of the natural love and affection which she hath and beareth to and for her husband the said Charles COOPER surrendered all the aforesaid hereditaments and premises out of her hands into the hands of the Lord of the said Manor by …

To the intent that the Lord by his said Steward might regrant the said premises to the said Charles COOPER and Harriet his wife and their heirs.

Charles COOPER and Harriet in Court admitted Tenants to said premises To whom the Lord … grants and delivers seizin thereof by the Rod To HAVE and to Hold … the said premises unto Charles COOPER and Harriet his wife and heirs by the Rod

Rendering 1/3 heriot 5/- fine and their fealties were respited.

Thomas GODFREY deceased and Pater JOHN deceased presented.

John BATEMAN First Proclamation. At this Court proclamations were three times publicly made for the heir etc to the copyhold hereditaments lately holden of this Manor by John BATEMAN whose death was presented at the last Court

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