Headington history: The Manor of Heddington

25 February 1856

Manor of Heddington


25 February 1856

[Plot 66 of Headington Enclosure Award:
Land of Headington Hill Hall near Marston Road]

This Indenture made 25th February 1856 between Digby LATIMER of Headington Esquire of the one part and James MORRELL of the City of Oxford and of Headington Hill Esquire of the other part whereas the said Digby LATIMER is seized or entitled of and to the Manor of Heddington in the said County of Oxford with its rights members and appurtenances for an estate of inheritance in fee simple in possession free from incumbrances and whereas the said James MORRELL (by his attorney) was Out of Court on 10th January 1856 admitted to him and his heirs (on the surrender of Guy THOMPSON of Baldon House) to all that

plot of land No. 66 upon the Headington Inclosure Award of 5 Acres 1 Rood and 22 perches in Clay Field in the Parish of Headington bounded on the NE by the allotment No. 65 on S and SW by the lands and Free Board in the Parish of St Clement and on the NW by the road No. IX [Marston Road] and which was then and is now in the occupation of William Gardener

To hold the said premises with the appurtenances unto the said James MORRELL his heirs etc, rendering yearly unto the Lord of the Manor 2/8d for a rent and an Heriot when it shall happen And whereas the said James MORRELL hath contracted with the said Digby LATIMER for such enfranchisement of the said Plot of land hereditaments and premises and appurtenances as is hereinafter contained at or for the price or sum of £10

Now this Indenture witnesseth that in pursuance of the said agreement and in consideration of £10 by the said James MORRELL at r before the sealing and delivery of these presents paid to the said Digby LATIMER (the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged) He the said Digby LATIMER doth enfranchise and for that purpose doth grant release convey and confirm unto the said James MORRELL and his heirs All that plot or piece of land hereinbefore described and all the estate right title use trust property possibility claim and demand of him the said Digby Latimer therein and thereto and all heriots quit rents duties suit and service of Court and all other customs and services due and payable for and in respect of the same premises or any of them or the reversion remainder yearly and other rents issues and profits thereof or any part thereof TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the same unto the said James Morrell his heirs henceforth freed and absolutely discharged for ever from the copyhold tenure thereof or of and from all rents fines payments heriots suits customs and services incident thereto or by custom prescription or other ?use howsoever to be paid rendered or performed In the Lord or Lady Lords or Ladies of the said Manor of Heddington for the time being in respect of the same premises or any of them.

AND the said Digby Latimer doth hereby for himself his heirs covenant and promise and agree to the said James MORRELL his heirs that he the said Digby LATIMER now is and standeth …zed of the said Manor of Heddington of an estate in fee simple in possession and that he shall in himself good right and full power to enfranchise grant release and confirm the said hereditaments and premises hereinbefore enfranchised according to the true intent and meaning of these presents AND FURTHER that it shall be lawful for the said James MORRELL from time to time and at all times hereafter to have hold occupy possess and enjoy the said plot of ground hereditaments and premises with out any the lawful let suit hindrance molestation or annoyance of him the said Digby LATIMER his heirs And that free clear of and from all rents … customs … charges whatsoever by him the said Digby LATIMER and lastly that he the said Digby LATIMER and his heirs will at all time hereafter whenever required by the said James Morrell his heirs and at his or their expense make do and execute all such further Acts Deeds and Assurances in the Law as may be necessary for the more perfectly enfranchising granting releasing and confirming the said Plot.

In Witness signed Digby Latimer

Received the day and year first within written of and from the within named James Morrell the sum of £10 being the consideration money within mentioned to be paid by him to me Digby Latimer

Sturman Latimer, Solicitor, Headington, Oxfordshire

Signed, sealed, and delivered by the within named Digby LATIMER in the presence of Sturman Latimer, Solicitor, Headington, Oxford

Examined by me Alfred G. Holmes, Steward
28 February 1856

Following this is the Deed of Enfranchisement of four messuages and one messuage copyhold of the said Manor late Gurden's, dated 12 August 1856 between Digby Latimer and James Morrell for the sum of £10

Four messuages and tenement in Heddington now or late in several occupations of John WARD John DURHAM … LOUCH and Robert WHORWOOD

AND also one other tenement lately erected on part of the said premises in the occupation of John DENNIS (to all which premises the said William GURDEN was admitted on 6 July 1841)

Signed Digby Latimer

Witness: Willilam Latimer, Clerk, Headington

Signed sealed and delivered by the within named Digby Latimer in the presence of J. Latimer Nichol, 15 Bush Lane, Cannon Street, London, merchant

Examined by me Alfred Holmes, 26 August 1856

© Stephanie Jenkins

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