Headington history: The Manor of Heddington

20 October 1855

Manor of Heddington

Out of Court
this 20th October 1855

Before: Alfred Green Holmes Gent., Steward


To the Steward of the Manor of Heddington

I the undersigned James MORRELL the younger do request and authorize you to vacate a certain conditional surrender made 1st January 1853 by William GURDEN of certain copyhold hereditaments by him held of the said Manor to my use for securing £337 and interest and to enter satisfaction for the said sum on the Court Rolls of the said Manor

Dated 20th October 1855
Signed: J. Morrell

Out of court this day cometh William GURDEN a Customary Tenant and in consideration of £400 paid to him by James MORRELL the Younger of Oxford Esquire doth surrender

4 messuages or tenements in Heddington now or late in the several occupations of John WARD, John DURHAM, Edward LOUCH and Robert WHORWOOD

and also

1 other tenement lately erected on part of the said premises in the occupation of John DENNIS (to which said premises William GURDEN was admitted 6th July 1841)

To the use of James MORRELL the younger and James MORRELL (by his Attorney) in Court and prays to be admitted Tenant

To which the said James MORRELL by his Attorney the Lord of the Manor by his Steward out of Court by virtue and under the Provisions of Act of Parliament made in the 4th and 5th years of the reign of Her present Majesty enabling him in that behalf doth grant and deliver seizin thereof by the Rod to have and to hold the said premises to him James MORRELL the Younger BY THE Rod at the Will of the Lord according to the custom of the Manor

Rendering therefore yearly to the Lord ½d rent and 2/4 for a Heriot and the said James MORRELL the Younger paid to the Lord for a fine 10/- but his Fealty was respited.


Signed Alfred Holmes Steward

© Stephanie Jenkins

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