Headington history: The Manor of Heddington

2 July 1852

Court Baron of Digby Latimer

Lord of the said Manor

on Friday 2nd July 1852
before John Matthews, Gentleman, Steward
Homage: Thomas Godfrey, William Gurden

[Cottage, probably in Larkins or St Andrew's Lane]

Came Robert BATEMAN of Heddington Carpenter and in consideration of £160 to him paid by John BATEMAN OF Heddington Grocer surrendered

a messuage cottage or tenement with gardens situate in Heddington wherein one John SNOW formerly dwelt and afterwards in the occupation of Robert BATEMAN and now in the occupation of John BATEMAN (to which the said Robert BATEMAN was admitted 13th August 1832)

To the use of John BATEMAN

And the said John BATEMAN present in Court and prayed to be admitted Tenant

Rendering therefor Rent yearly 10d and a Heriot and the said John BATEMAN admitted Tenant but his Fealty respited.

The Homage present that by an Indenture dated 29th September 1802 made between John LAWRENCE of Headington Smith and Farrier and Ann his wife (then late Ann TRAFFORD widow) and William TRAFFORD of Headington Labourer of the one part and William LAWRENCE the elder of Headington Smith and Farmer of the other) the said John LAWRENCE and Ann his wife and William TRAFFORD for divers good causes and considerations did devise and grant William LAWRENCE the elder

all that Common of pasture for two heifers and a bullock and ten sheep in the commons and commonable places of Heddington and in Shotover or one of them and which common of pasture was held of this Manor (with one messuage one yard and one garden)

To hold unto the said William LAWRENCE the elder and his heirs from the date of the Indenture for 99 years at a rent of a peppercorn if demanded.

And the Homage further present that since the death of the said Ann LAWRENCE the said copyhold premises have been seized into the hands of the Lord  

And they further present that by an Indenture of 22nd August 1829 and made between Joseph SIMS and Ann Maria his wife and John NORTH then and now of Headington Gardener of the second part and William CARTER of the third part

The said Copyhold premises were assigned unto the said John NORTH for all the residue of the said term of 99 years granted by the said Lease

At this Court comes John NORTH and prays to be admitted to the said copyhold plot of land containing 3 Rood 25 Perch for all the residue of 99 years by the said Indenture of Lease granted and which is now in the occupation of John NORTH

Rendering therefor yearly rent of 6d and a Heriot and the said John NORTH paid 10/- for a fine and was admitted tenant but his fealty was respited.

Signed J. Matthews Steward

© Stephanie Jenkins

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