Headington history: The Manor of Heddington

17 January 1852

Manor of Heddington

Special Court Baron of Digby Latimer, Lord of the said Manor

Tuesday 17th February 1852

Before: John Matthews Gentleman Steward of the said Manor
Homage: Thomas Godfrey, William Gurden 

Comes John PHELP of Hampstead Norris in Berks Yeoman a Customary Tenant and in consideration of £50 paid to him by Richard Prince HOWSE of Headington Blacksmith surrenders

1 messuage or tenement now converted into 3 tenements with a backside and hovel in Heddington within the Manor now or lately in the respective occupations of Messrs White, Warland and Barney (to which John Phelp was admitted 18th June 1851)

to the use of Richard Prince HOWSE

And the said Richard Prince HOWSE in Court prays to be admitted Tenant rendering therefor 1/- a year rent and ¾d for a heriot and the said Richard Prince Howse paid 10/- for a fine and was admitted Tenant but his Fealty was respited.

At this Court the Lord of the Manor by his Steward and in consideration of the sum of 20/- granted unto James COPPOCK of Headington Sawyer:

All that messuage cottage or tenement situate and being at Heddington formerly in the occupation of John Snow and now of James Bateman to which premises Richard PANCUTT and Martha his wife late Customary Tenants of this Manor were admitted 7th October 1767 and which said premises were held by Copy of Court Roll and lately fell into the hands of the Lord on the death of the said Richard Pancutt (who survived his wife Martha) intestate and without an heir at law

To the use and behoof of the said James COPPOCK for his life

And the said James COPPOCK in court and prays to be admitted Tenant rendering therefor 10d yearly rent and a heriot

And the said James COPPOCK admitted Tenant but his Fealty was respited.

End of Court

© Stephanie Jenkins

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