Headington history: The Manor of Heddington

16 October 1851

Manor of Heddington

Court Baron of Digby Latimer, Lord of the Manor

Thursday 16th October 1851

Before: John Matthews Gent., Steward
Homage: Thomas Godfrey, Robert Bateman

Comes John HEDGES Servant of Brasenose College and in consideration of £315 to him paid by James CLARKE of Heddington Road Surveyor surrenders

a plot or piece of ground situate at Heddington with the newly built messuage thereon lately in the occupation of the said James Clarke etc.

and also

a parcel of ground lying at the E end and on the S side of the said newly erected messuage and which parcel of ground has been thrown into and forms part of the garden occupied with the newly erected messuage

and also

a small piece of ground forming part of the carriage road to the newly erected messuage

to the use of James CLARKE

and James Clarke in Court prays to be admitted tenant rendering therfor rent yearly of 1/- and a Heriot and paid 10/- for a fine and said James Clarke was admitted tenant but his Fealty was respited.

End of Court

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