Headington history: The Manor of Heddington

10 June 1850

Manor of Heddington

Court Baron of Digby Latimer, Lord of the Manor

Monday 10th June 1850

Before: John Matthews Gentleman, Steward

The Homage present the death of Thomas GODFREY some time since and by his Will of 24th March 1826 devised his Copyhold in his own occupation (except that part then lately sold to J? POWELL GODFREY) to his son Thomas GODFREY and his daughters Mary GODFREY and Martha GODFREY. Devised his Copyhold premises amongst them as Tenants in common.

The Homage present that by an Indenture of 28th October 1829 between Thomas GODFREY the son and his sisters Mary and Martha GODFREY, and Sir Joseph LOCK Knight one of the Alderman of the City of Oxford of the other part (indenture produced in court) recited that the said Thomas Godfrey, Mary, and Martha Godfrey had lately contracted with the said Sir Joseph Lock for the sale to him of the parcel of ground therein described the same being parcel of the copyhold hereditaments to which Thomas Godfrey the elder was admitted 28th April 1797 at the price of £355. That at a court at date of the indenture the said Thomas Godfrey, Mary and Martha Godfrey had been admitted tenants to the copyhold hereditament devised by Will of their late father Thomas Godfrey the elder that in pursuance of the said recited Contract for Sale and the considerations mentioned Thomas Godfrey and Mary and Martha Godfrey had surrendered the land and hereditaments so purchased by Sir Joseph Lock by description:

“all that piece or parcel of land or ground situate within the said Manor the same being part and parcel of certain copyhold lands of the said Manor to which Thomas Godfrey the elder then deceased was admitted Tenant as aforesaid as the same piece of land was then divided from the other part of the Copyhold premises by a stone wall then lately erected extending from the NE corner of the Wall bounding the garden of Thomas Molt and thence in a right line Northward to an ancient wall belonging to the said Sir Joseph Locke and which said piece of ground contained on the E 196 feet and on the S 163 feet and ten inches on the W 184 feet 10 inches and on the N 161 feet together with the said newly erected wall on the West part thereof”

with the appurtenances thereto belonging to the use of the said Sir Joseph Locke and that upon such surrender the said Sir Joseph Locke was on the same day admitted Tenant of the said hereditaments and by the said now stating Indenture the said Thomas Godfrey, Mary and Martha Godfrey did remise release ratify and confirm unto the said Sir Joseph Locke the said piece of ground described and to which Sir Joseph Locke had been admitted to hold to the use of Sir Joseph Locke at the Will of the Lady according to the custom of the Manor.

And the Homage further find and present that no entry appears on the Rolls of this Manor of the Special Court in the said Indenture mentioned to have been holden on the 28th October 1829 nor of any of the proceedings acts matters or things in the said Indenture recited.

Nevertheless the Homage Say and Present that from the said now produced Indenture and from the fact of the said Robert BATEMAN having been one of the Homage at the said Court and otherwise it manifestly appears to them that a Special Court Baron for this Manor as in fact holden on the said 28th October 1829 and that such proceedings etc. were thereat done and performed as in the said Indenture recited and that the said Sir Joseph Locke died seized of the piece of ground and hereditaments in the said Indenture mentioned and whereof it is stated he was so admitted Tenant as aforesaid

And the Homage present the last Will of the said Sir Joseph Locke (present and enrolled at a Court for this Manor 6th June 1849) by which said Will all the copyhold lands and hereditaments of the said Sir Joseph Locke situate at Heddington aforesaid were devised unto and to the use of Benjamin Parsons Symons D.D. Warden of Wadham … and the Rev. James Charnock in his Will named and described the Trustees of or at the time of his decease acting under the Indenture of Settlement executed upon or in contemplation of the marriage of his daughter Maria Ballachey with her then and now husband George Baker Ballachey Esq

And they further present that James Charnock having died the Rev. William Simcox Bricknell Vicar of Ensham Clerk was by an Indenture of 23rd March 1847 appointed Trustee for purposes of the said Settlement and Will respectively in the place of James Charnock decd.

Came Benjamin PARSONS SYMONS D.D. Warden of Wadham etc. and the Rev. William Simcox BRICKNELL (by Attorney) and prayed admittance to:

All that piece of land or ground situate at Heddington heretofore part of the Copyhold or Common lands of Thomas GODFREY the elder decd and divided from other parts of the premises late of the same Thomas GODFREY by a stone wall erected by Sir Joseph Locke since decd extending etc.

Rendering therefor yearly 4d rent and 3/4d for an heriot … and 10/- for a fine and were admitted Tenants but their Fealty was respited.

At this Court 2nd Proclamation made for the heir of Richard PANCUTT

At this Court 2nd Proclamation made for the heir of William TRAFFORD

At this Court 2nd Proclamation for William Powell GODFREY to come into Court to be admitted to a messuage garden and premises occupied by James Clarke.


End of Court

© Stephanie Jenkins

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