Headington history: The Manor of Heddington

15 February 1847

Manor of Heddington

Digby Latimer, Lord of the Manor

Monday 15th February 1847

Before: John Matthews Gentleman, Steward
Homage: Thomas Godfrey, William Gurden

[8 The Croft]

The Homage present that Elizabeth BOSTALL Spinster whose death was presented 21st August 1837 by her Will devised to:

Richard GODFREY of All Saints Oxford Baker all my copyhold estate situate in the Croft in the Parish of Headington and now in the occupation of Thomas HOLLY subject to payment of a legacy of £20 by the said Richard GODFREY to pay to his aunt Elizabeth ALLEN in 12 months free of legal duty.”

And the said Richard GODFREY (now of the Parish of St Giles in the suburbs of the City of Oxford, Gentleman), being present here in Court prayed admittance to:

a messuage or tenement with a yard behind and garden in front in the occupation of William GURDEN (part of the premises to which Elizabeth BOSTALL was admitted on 26th July 1784) by the description of

“one barn and 2 acres of land in the common fields of Headington”

And Seizin granted to Richard GODFREY rendering therefor 4d yearly rent and 2/6d for a Heriot and 10/- for a Fine and admitted tenant but his Fealty was respited.

[Blacksmith's shop]

The Homage present that Richard GREEN late a Customary Tenant whose death was presented on 26th January last by his Will dated 5th January 1845 gave to Mary CASTLE another daughter of my late brother John and to Nathaniel CASTLE her husband of High Street Oxford hatter and mercer:

“my house or tenement with the garden premises now in the occupation of Richard DURHAM situate in Headington and copyhold of the Manor of Edward Latimer Esq.”

And Nathaniel CASTLE and Mary his wife present in Court prayed to be admitted to the said premises which now consist of:

a messuage or tenement blacksmith’s shop yard and garden and in the occupation of Richard DURHAM to which Richard GREEN was admitted 12th May 1840.

Seizin granted rendering therefore 1/2d yearly rent and 1/2d for a heriot and said Nathaniel CASTLE and Mary his wife paid to the Lord for a fine 10/- each and were admitted tenants but their Fealty was respited.

[Five tenements]

The Homage present that John NORTH died seized of:

five copyhold tenements within and held of this Manor and now in the respective occupations of Messrs West, Ward, Johnson, Bateman, and Young

But who is the heir at law or devisee the Homage know not.

End of Court

© Stephanie Jenkins

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