Headington history: The Manor of Heddington

2 August 1842

The Manor of Heddington in the County of Oxford

2nd August 1842

Be it remembered that on the 2nd August 1842 William GURDEN of Headington labourer a Customary Tenant and in Consideration of £86 to him paid by George DAVENPORT of Oxford Banker

Did out of Court surrender to George Rackstow Steward

all those four messuages and tenements with appurtenances in Heddington with the Manor now or late in the several occupations of the said William GURDEN, Thomas WEST, Mary ROLFE and Hannah BUSHNELL

And also another cottage lately erected on part of the said premises (to which William Gurden was admitted 6th July 1841)

To the use of George DAVENPORT by and under a yearly rent of 1/2d and a Heriot and performing all other duties customs and services for the same therefor due and of right accustomed

Provided always and on express condition that if William GURDEN should pay to George DAVENPORT £86 plus interest then the surrender hereby made to be void.

Signed X
Mark of William Gurden

© Stephanie Jenkins

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