Headington history: The Manor of Heddington

7 June 1842

To the Steward of the Manor

Notice to him by an Indenture 14th May 1840 between Edmund Grove Richard POLLY of Headington Weaver and William GRAHAM of Oxford bookseller for considerations therein mentioned the said Richard POLLY did thereby covenant with William GRAHAM that he would surrender to the Lord and Lady all that piece of copyhold land or ground 1 acre adjoining Leasehold Meadow ground in Headington then in the occupation of the said Richard POLLY and then thrown into and forming part thereof with the appurtenances and all his and their estate right title and interest to the use of William GRAHAM and that until the said surrender should be made and the said William GRAHAM admitted the said Richard POLLY should stand seized thereof in trust for the said William GRAHAM unless Richard POLLY should pay to William GRAHAM £240.

Signed John MATTHEW
Oxford, June 7th, 1842


March 22nd, 1847

William GRAHAM acknowledge to have received full satisfaction for all moneys due to me on Copyhold premises



© Stephanie Jenkins

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