Headington history: The Manor of Heddington

21 August 1837

The Manor of Heddington
in the County of Oxford

Special Court Baron of Edward Latimer Esq and Elizabeth his wife
Lord and Lady of the Manor

Monday 21st August 1837

Before: George Rackstraw, Gent, Steward of the Manor
Homage: William Jeffcoat, William Powell

[Several Copyhold Tenements]

The Homage present that Elizabeth BOSTALL Spinster late a Customary Tenant … died about the 9th July last seized of certain Copyhold tenements held of this Manor and that by her Will of 18th June 1828 she gave Thomas GURDEN the elder of Elsfield:

all her copyhold messuages or tenements and hereditaments situate in Heddington aforesaid and then in the several occupations of [blank] GURDEN and others

subject to the payment of £10 to his sister Mary WILSON within 12 months of her the Testatrix’s death – to whom she gave the same free from Legacy duty which she directed to be paid by the said Thomas Gurden the elder and she thereby charged the said estate with the payment of the said legacy of £10 accordingly.

Came Thomas GURDEN devisee named in the last Will of Elizabeth Bostall late a Customary tenant of this Manor deceased and prayed to be admitted to:

all those four messuages or tenements now in the several occupations of William Gurden, Thomas West, Mary Rolfe and Hannah Bushnell and of which the said Elizabeth Bostall lately died seized

And the Lord and Lady etc. granted seizin thereof … to the said Thomas GURDEN To have and to hold the said premises unto the said Thomas Gurden his heirs etc. (subject nevertheless to the payment thereout of £10 to Mary Wilson the sister of the said Thomas Gurden within 12 months from the date hereof) Rendering etc. 1/2d rent, 2/- for a Heriot and the said Thomas Gurden gave the Lord and Lady 10/- for a Fine and was admitted Tenant but his Fealty was excused.

Signed George Rackstraw, Steward

[In margin reference to page 204 of Roll: By indenture 26th May 1856, D. Latimer to James Morrell, Deed of Enfranchisement of Four Messuages and One messuage copyhold of said Manor late Gurden’s August 26th, 1856.]

[In margin: Enfranchisement]

© Stephanie Jenkins

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