Headington history: The Manor of Heddington

25 March 1836

The Manor of Heddington
in the County of Oxford

Special Court Baron of Edward Latimer Esq and Elizabeth his wife
Lord and Lady of the Manor
held within the said Manor

on Friday 25th March 1836

Before: George Rackstraw, Gent, Steward of the Manor
Homage: Thomas Phelp, Thomas Godfrey

[8 The Croft]

The Homage present the Conditional Surrender [out of Court on 29th October 1834] of Robert BATEMAN of:

a messuage cottage or tenement wherein John Snow formerly dwelt and to which Robert Bateman was admitted 13th August 1832 for securing to John Bateman of Oxford, grocer, the sum of £150 and interest at £4 p.a.

Be it remembered that on 20th October 1834 Robert BATEMAN carpenter of Heddington a customary tenant in consideration of £150 surrendered:

a messuage cottage or tenement situate at Heddington wherein John SNOW formerly dwelt and to which Robert BATEMAN was admitted 13th August 1832.

At this Court came Elizabeth BOSTALL spinster a Customary Tenant and in consideration of £70 to her paid by Jonathan FISKE of Oxford draper and in open Court surrendered:

all that piece or parcel of certain land or garden ground situate within the Village of Headington and part of the customary lands and tenements (fronting the messuage or dwelling house in which the said Elizabeth BOSTALL resided but separated thereupon by a highway or path containing by admeasurement from East to West on the North side where the same extends from part of the aforesaid footpath to certain garden ground, the property of Henry HALL Esq in the occupation of John TEW 41 feet or thereabouts and from East to West on the south side where the same extends from another part of the aforesaid footpath to the extreme southern end of the last mentioned garden ground 39 feet or thereabouts and from North to South at the Eastern side where the same is bounded South by another public path running parallel with the Shrubbery at the back of the said Edward Latimer’s mansion and by the remainder of the garden ground fronting the said Elizabeth BOSTALL’s dwelling house of which the premises herby surrendered are part 61 feet or thereabouts and from North to South on the Western side where the same is bounded as last mentioned 67 feet or thereabouts and all that building or erection now standing upon part of the said premises and now used as a Meeting House for the Worship of Almighty God and so much of the ditch as runs from North to South on the Western side of the said garden ground containing in width by admeasurement 6 feet or thereabouts and in length 67 feet – The description of which said before mentioned premises is shown in ground plan in margin of these presents surrounded by a green line which said premises hereby surrendered (with others were formerly described as:

One Barn and 2 acres of land lying in the common fields and were granted to Elizabeth BOSTALL at a court 26th July 1784 within the Manor and parcel of the customary lands and tenements of the said Manor

To the use of Jonathan FISKE his heirs etc.

At this Court came Jonathan FISKE draper and prayed to be admitted tenant to [all the above] … seizin granted … and One penny being the proportion of the rent of four pence payable for the whole of the said premises and a heriot and paid 10/- for a fine and admitted tenant … his fealty was respited.

Plan in margin showing property surrendered to Jonathan Fiske, 25 March 1836

Court of 25th March 1836,

but underneath is written

8th August 1837

Manor of Heddington in County of Oxford

I hereby agree to Surrender to W. Edmund GROVE, cook of Balliol College, when called upon to do so, all that piece of Copyhold land in Headington aforesaid and I hereby agree that the said Edmund GROVE shall have a lien upon the said land for securing to him such portion of the sum of £200 this day lent and advanced to me upon:

the cottage and land held under Magdalen College adjoining the above mentioned land

which may not be covered and secured by a mortgage of the said cottage and stand this day executed by me to him.


The mark X of Richard Colley
Witness: George Rackstraw, Steward

© Stephanie Jenkins

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