Headington history: The Manor of Heddington

18 April 1833

In the Manor of Heddington
In the County of Oxford

Special Court Baron of Edward Latimer Esq and Elizabeth his wife Lord and Lady of the Manor
holden within the Manor the 18th April 1833

Before: Henry Jacob, Deputy of Thomas Robertson, Gent, Steward of the Manor
Homage: Robert Bateman, Thomas Godfrey

[Headington Enclosure Award Plot 31:
5 acres of land adjoining east side of Windmill Road]

At this Court came Richard PANCUTT and in consideration of £220 paid to him by William Buckingham of Heddington Yeoman and Elizabeth his wife


a plot of land No. 31 on plan of award upon enclosure of the Parish of Heddington containing 5 acres and 23 perches situate in Quarry Field awarded to Richard Pancutt on enclosure as the son and heir of Richard Pancutt deceased in lieu of his Copyhold ½ acre of meadow and 1 acre furze ground and ½ of a cottage common to which the said Richard Pancutt was admitted at Court 3rd May 1805

And also:

One plot of 1 rood 2 perches which was awarded to Richard Pancutt in lieu of his right of common and other share and right and interest being Copyhold under the said Manor of Heddington under Act for allotting lands in the Parish or Liberty of Shotover

To the use of William BUCKINGHAM and his wife.

William Buckingham and Elizabeth in Court and admitted tenants. Rent 1/3d annually and an Heriot. Fine of 10/- and their fealty was respited.

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