Headington history: The Manor of Heddington

Lords of the Manor 1765 to 1812

These are not to be confused with the Lords of the Manor of Headington with an “a”


Lords & Ladies of the Manor



Edward Coxhead, clerk,
& Mary his wife

Asher Foote, gent.,
& Rachael his wife

James Gilpin, 1755–1765


Mary Coxhead, widow

Asher Foote, gent.,
& Rachael his wife

Henry Smith, gent, 1767–1769


Asher Foote, gent

Mary Coxhead, widow

Henry Churchill, gent, 1773–1782

Thomas Hearn, gent, 1782–1784

James Morrell, gent, 1786–1812

Thomas Henry Taunton, 1817–1828
He was Clerk of the Peace for Oxfordshire and lived at Grandpont House


George Smith Foot, gent

Mary Coxhead, widow


George Foot, gent

Mary Coxhead, widow


William Jackson, Esq

He built Headington House on land formerly known as “Plants” that he purchased from the Lord of the Manor of Headington in 1775, and this became the mansion house of the Manor of Heddington


Mary Jones, spinster
She inherited the manor from her employer, William Jackson


Edward Latimer, Esq
& Elizabeth his wife

Elizabeth inherited the manor from her aunt, Mary Jones

Thomas Robertson, 1832–1833

George Rackstraw, 1834–1841

John Matthews
of the Manor House, 1842–1853

Alfred Green Holmes, 1855–1856

Sturman Latimer, Digby’s brother, 1864–71


Digby Latimer, Esq
Inherited the Manor from his parents Edward & Elizabeth Latimer


Joseph John Saffery, Esq.
The chartered accountant who sold the Manor after Digby Latimer’s bankruptcy

”The purchaser will have the advantage of appointing his own Steward of the Manor”


Alfred Gillett, Esq
The Banbury solicitor who purchased the Manor at auction

Frederick Sandford Gillett, London solicitor, 1872–1887

John Hill Munday,
London solicitor, 1887–1920 (died)

Percy Clarke,
London solicitor, from 1922


Frederick William Alfred 
Herbert Gillett
, Esq
Inherited the Manor from his father, Alfred Gillett, but soon sold it


Catherine Munday
(wife of the Steward)
The last real Lord


Alice Mary Clarke
(wife of the Steward)
She bought Manor for £5 from the Public Trustee

Information obtained from the Court Rolls of the Manor of Heddington at the Oxfordshire History Centre:

  • Cla I/i/1: 10 June (29 George II) 1765 to 1 May 1812
  • Cla I/i/2: 22 October 1814 to 24 June 1887
  • Cla I/i.3: 24 June 1887 to 18 November 1922

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