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Lord Nuffield (William Morris): Family Tree

Morris is a very common name in Headington, and many people hope that their Headington ancestors are related to Lord Nuffield: but in fact the first member of Lord Nuffield’s line to arrive in Headington was his father.

When William Morris became a peer, he had his father’s ancestry traced back through a long line of yeoman Morrises back to 1278. Below is a skeleton summary, omitting all collateral descendants: the full information can be optained in The Complete Peerage, Vol. XIII: Peerage creations 1901–1938 (edited by H. A. Doubleday and Lord Howard de Walden).

William MORRICE held land in Swarford (of the Manor of Hook Norton) in 1278. Succeeded by Stephen, John, David, John, and John MORRIS at South Leigh, who held land there under the Manor of Eynsham to 1524. These are the probable ancestors of the MORRIS family of Kiddington

John MORRIS of Kiddington. Married Agnes. Children: Richard and John. Died early 1585/6

Richard MORRIS of Kiddington. Married Elizabeth OFFYLDE of Over Kiddington, 15 Oct. 1582. One child: John. Died 1606

John MORRIS of Long Combe, bapt. Kiddington 29 July 1594. Married Jane HURST of Long Combe. Children: Richard, John, and Edward. Died 1649

Richard MORRIS of Long Combe. Married Elizabeth (before 1656). Children: William and John. Died after 1707

William MORRIS of Fawler in Charlbury, bapt. 15 May 1656 at Long Combe. Married Jane HODGKINSON of Woodstock. Children: Robert, John, and Thomas. Buried at Charlbury, 28 May 1716

Thomas MORRIS, bapt. 10 Feb. 1698/9 at Charlbury. Married (1) Anne DRINKWATER of Charlbury and (2) Anne PRIOR of Ducklington. Children by second marriage: Thomas and John. Will proved end of 1760

John MORRIS, bapt. 7 Feb. 1749/50 at New Woodstock. Married Sarah NIXON of Hensington on 9 Nov. 1777 at Tackley. Children: John, Thomas, and Gabriel. Died 1797

Gabriel MORRIS, bapt. 8 June 1794 at Wootton. Married Hannah LONG of Witney on 5 Oct. 1816 at Witney. Children: William and Frederick. Died 1829

William MORRIS, bapt. 5 Nov. 1817 at Witney. Married Mrs Anne EDGINGTON (daughter of Thomas COSBY or CAUSBY and Hannah KEYLOCK) of Witney on 19 Oct. 1848 at All Hallows, London Wall. Only son: Frederick. Died 1887

Frederick MORRIS, born 31 Aug. 1849 at Witney (and baptised as “Fredric” on 21 September at Witney St Mary), m. Emily Ann PETHER of Headington on 7 Nov. 1876 at Headington

Frederick and Emily were the parents of William Richard MORRIS, Lord Nuffield, who married Lizzie Maud ANSTEY (baptised at Oxford, St Giles on 2 Oct 1877)

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