Photographs of the LOUCH family

Sharleen Toon owns these twelve photographs relating to the Louch family of Headington and hopes that people may be able to identify some of the people pictured. Please email the webmaster if you can help.

Information about first picture: The man at the back on the right is Cyril Louch. He was the son of Rosa Louch who went on to marry a Morris. On the back of the postcard it reads, Lnc Cpl C Louch Ox B.L.I. Headington Wounded. The date on the card is 6th Sept 1917. The card is addressed to Mrs M. Louch, The Croft, Old Headington, Nr Oxford. Sharleen says that she has another photo of Cyril with his name on and also a postcard to Edith Louch (at The Croft) dated 17 Sept 1917 saying “So sorry to hear about poor Cyril hope it is not too bad.”

Information about second picture: This photo is addressed to Mrs Gammon, The White Cottage, Old Headington Nr Oxford, and postmarked Headington Quarry on 12 July 1916. The card reads “From your loving brother Will”. Roger Gammon has identified the “Mrs Gammon” as Jane nee BRAYNE/BRAIN, wife of John Thomas (known as Tom) GAMMON, and the sender (Will) as William BRAIN (a railway officer in the 1901 census). The GAMMON family lived in Rookery Cottages (now known as Stoke Place).

There is scanty information (mostly relating to photographers) about just a few of the other pictures.



4 5. Has “Holmes, High Street Headington” stamped on the back 6. The small photograph has been stuck on to the large one
7 8 9. Has “J. Holmes Photographer, Westbourne Terrace Headington” on the back
10 11 12

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