Headington Rate Book, 1850

The preamble to the 1850 Headington ratebook is reproduced below, followed by a link to a table containing all the data.

Parish of Headington

“At a Vestry held on Friday, December 6th, 1850, after due notice given, — To take into consideration the propriety of applying to the Parish, an Act Of Parliament passed in the last Session [13 & 14 Vict. cap. 19], for enabling the Vestry to order that Poor’s Rates and Highway Rates due on Houses, &c., not exceeding the rateable value of Six Pounds, shall in future be charged on the Owners thereof, instead of on the Occupiers as heretofore; It was agreed that the Act should be applied to this Parish from and after the 25th of March next.”
Signed, D. Latimer, Chairman

As many inequalities in the rating exist in this Parish, it was considered by the Meeting, that the provisions of the Act could not be satisfactorily carried out without a new valuation being made of the whole Parish, and it was therefore resolved “That a Committee be appointed to Re-Assess the whole Property of the Parish, and report the same to Vestry; and that a Vestry be held a fortnight hence for the purpose of appointing such Committee.” Another Vestry, after due notice, was accordingly held on Friday, December 20th, 1850, at which the following Resolution was passed:-”That the following Gentlemen be appointed as such Committee; three to form a quorum: Mr John Plowman, Mr Ballachey, Mr William Burrows, Mr Thomas Snow, Mr Knowles sen., Mr Sturman Latimer, The Churchwardens, The Overseers, and that Mr Sturman Latimer be requested to take the office of Chairman of Such Committee.”

“It was also Resolved — That a sufficient number of copies of the Rate be printed, and a copy sent to each Ratepayer.”
Signed, W. H. Butler, Chairman

The following copy of the Ratebook is sent, in pursuance of the foregoing resolution, in order that any Ratepayer or Owner, feeling himself aggrieved by such rate, may state the same to the Chairman, by letter, post paid; or to the Committee, personally, at any of their meetings, of which due notice will be given on the Church Door.

Ratebook (PDF format)


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