Principal inhabitants of Headington in 1830

Pigot’s Directory 1830

This is the first Pigot’s Directory to include Headington under the City of Oxford, and the number of people included is rather limited.

Nobility, Gentry and Clergy

  • Finch Mrs. Headington [= The Rookery]
  • Finch Richard esq. Headington [= The Rookery]
  • Green –, gent. Headington hill [?Richard Green of Hill Top House]
  • Knapp Miss, Headington hill [= The Rise]
  • Latimer E. esq. Headington [= Headington House]
  • Oddie Rev. W. Headington [= Church House]
  • Wharton Brian, esq. Headington [= Headington Lodge]
  • Wharton Theoph. esq. Headington [= Headington Lodge]

Academies, Seminaries and Public Schools

  • Hanwell Mary (boarding), Headington [St Andrew’s Road]


  • Jeffcoat William, Headington [1 St Andrew’s Road]
  • Pates Joseph, Headington [16 St Andrew’s Road]


  • Howse Richard, Headington

Brick Makers

  • Hedges John & Co., Headington

Carpenters & Joiners

  • Parker Richard, Headington


  • Carr Henry, Headington
  • Mott Thomas, Headington

Shopkeepers, & Dealers in Groceries & Sundries

  • Jeffcoat William, Headington [1 St Andrew’s Road]

Taverns and Public Houses

  • White Hart, John Tew, Headington


  • Smith John, Headington


  • Cooper James, parish clerk of Headington

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