Old and New Marston in 1913

Kelly’s Directory, 1913

New Marston was already bigger than Old Marston by this year, and the directory entry is divided into two sections

[Old] Marston

Private Residents
Brown J.W.H., Almonds farm
Cannon Miss, Fernbank
Cave Miss, Manor house
Gordon Miss, Little Acreage
Honour John, The Orchard
Killmaster Arthur, Bolts lodge
Lamburn Richard
Martin Miss, The Lodge
Mortimer, Rev. John Hamilton M.A. [vicar], The Vicarage
Pugh Hubert William John, Rose villa
Rippington Mrs. E., The Elms

Bleay Walter, carter
Broughton Henry W., farmer, Court Place farm
Brown John Wilfred Hugh, clerk to Parish Council & assistant overseer, Almonds farm
Cotmore Charles F., beer retailer
Cross George, dairy farmer
Drewett Mrs., shopkeeper
Evans Arthur, White Hart P.H.
Haynes Charles Henry, farmer
Haynes Edwin, farmer, Cross farm
Haynes Hubert, farmer
Haynes George, dairy farmer
Hickman William, shoeing smith
Jennings Wm. Jas., beer ret., Marston ferry
Marston Working Men’s Club
Matthews William, Three Horse Shoes P.H.
Nutt Harry Joseph, tailor, Bishop’s farm
Oxford Firewood Co.
Pugh Hubert William John, schoolmaster
Smith Richard, wheelwright & beer retailer
Ward Edwin, jobbing gardener
Ward Herbert, jobbing gardener
Ward Richard Joseph, shopkeeper, & post office

New Marston

Private residents
Allum John Frederick, William street
Akers Harold John, Main road
Akers Joseph, Main road
Austin William, Main road
Bolton George James, William street
Bray Edward L., William street
Carter Harold, Ferry road
Carter Mark, Ferry road
Clark William, Main road
Clewley John, Gordon cottages
Collett George, Tower View cottages
Cox Charles C., The Cottage, Ferry road
Daniells William John, Gordon cottages
Eaton William, Tower View cottages
Faulkner William, 46 William street
Foster Mrs., Diamond villa
Giles Walter William, Main road
Goodey Edward, Main road
Gooding Frank, Main road
Gray John, William street
Green George, William street
Harris Frederick, William street
Harris William, Somerset villa
Hester Charles, William street
Hopkins George, St George’s terrace
Lauder Frederick S., William street
Love John, Main road
Morris Frederick, Main road
Nutt Harry, William street
Pearce Frank Alfred, 47 William Street
Pether Thomas White, Main road
Plumridge Harry, William street
Richardson Richard, Woodville, Ferry rd
Rogers Joseph, Carnation cottage
Shrimpton Mrs., 45 William street
Smith William, Ferry road
Street William Henry, 44 William street
Taylor Alfred, Ashmole house
Taylor Frederick, Ferry road
Thurland Henry O., Sunnyside
Webster Mrs., Lily house
West William Oliver, Main road

Akers William, hay binder, Ferry road
Austin Thomas, builder
Benning Mrs., laundress
Carter Mar, brick maker & farmer
Carter Louisa (Mrs.), grocer, & post office
Collis Joseph, carpenter
Cross Joseph (Mrs.), baker & dairy
Davis Jesse, police constable, William road
Evans George, The Somerset House P.H.
Goadden P. Frank, carpenter, St. George’s terrace
Kelsey brothers, nurserymen, Main road
St. Clements & District Allotments Association (W. Bulbeck, sec)
Saunders Jas., wheelwright & blacksmith
Scarrott Shadrach, general dealer
Weller Frederick, coal dealer
West Mrs., laundress

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